Hunt Enduro Wide V2 – Hard Hitting Hoops That Won’t Break The Bank

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The Enduro Wide have been in the Hunt range for a few years now and as the name suggests, they were designed for hard riding on rough and technically demanding terrain. This year Hunt launched the updated version, the V2, which was developed using input from their sponsored EWS racers to keep up with the demands of an ever evolving discipline. To make sure the new wheels were able to take the sort of beating that an EWS race track subjects a wheel to, the Hunt engineers made a purpose built impact test rig for rigorous testing and then used Finite Element Analysis to help optimise material distribution to get the best strength to weight ratio they could, and we’ve had a set of the 29” Hunt Enduro Wides on test for the past few months.  Construction – Rims The rims on the Trail Wide V2 are made from 6069 T6 aluminium and feature a 33mm internal width on the front and 31mm on the rear and are optimised for tyres between 2.35” and 2.6”...

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  • Hunt Enduro Wide V2 – Hard Hitting Hoops That Won’t Break The Bank
  • Premier Icon honourablegeorge
    Full Member

    2144g seems a lot, and DT 511s on 350s are not far off in terms of price

    Premier Icon chakaping
    Free Member

    2144g seems a lot, and DT 511s on 350s are not far off in terms of price

    I’d accept that weight for genuinely sturdy enduro wheels, but you are right, it’s only £120 more for my favoured Pro4/EX511 wheels.

    Now if these were £350 (like I think they used to be?)…

    Premier Icon Andrew Lainchbury
    Full Member

    That was a long article for very little conclusion.

    What did you ride, how hard did you ride it, what bike was it on?

    Crap article, try again.

    Premier Icon Simon Lewington
    Full Member

    What did you ride, how hard did you ride it, what bike was it on?

    Seems to be answered in the article?

    Throughout the test the Enduro Wides have been fitted to a range of bikes all suited to their heavy hitting intentions. First up was a Santa Cruz Megatower which was then followed by a Raaw Madonna V2.2, and finally a 160mm forked Stanton Switch9er hardtail.

    They’ve been ridden hard on a variety of terrain – including a fair bit of Lakeland rock – and have shrugged it off all despite my clumsy riding and shady line choice, including one hit that double punctured a Maxxis Double Down tyre.

    Premier Icon smeear
    Full Member

    honestly i’ve never seen as many wheels fail as I have with hunts. I keep wanting them to be trustworthy but with so many problem wheels coming through the shop I work at (and the previous shop) personally I’ll not be riding them. I know they make up for this with customer service/replacements but I’m not a fan of business model.

    Premier Icon Gribs
    Full Member

    What sort of failures? I’ve rebuilt a road wheel for a colleague on which the rim had cracked in a few places around the spoke holes. It was about 12 months old with about 5k of miles on it so I was quite impressed they sent him a new rim.

    Premier Icon honourablegeorge
    Full Member

    Their road wheels seem to be very godo, zero issues with my four season gravel – but endless reports of their MTB wheels denting very easily despite several revisions to the rims. And as their pries creep up, that question mark hanging over them is more of an issue. I can get Newmen wheels which are much tougher and almost a full pound lighter for about £100 more.

    Premier Icon ampthill
    Full Member

    Very close in price to Hope Hoops, made in the UK hubs and sold through shops. Hunt have clearly got a very successful business here

    Premier Icon nipperj
    Full Member

    They dont sell non boost wheels so….

    Premier Icon ginsterdrz
    Free Member

    I think Hunt had/have a fantastic warranty so their reputation has grown exponentially.

    Their product is nothing above average in most cases. They use cheaper spokes for instance compared to some brands.

    Word of mouth and speaking to a trusted dealer is the way to get decent, honest feedback.

    Any written press is compromised due to advertiser’s money. Even pay walls don’t get round vested interests.

    A lot of the bicycle industry is built on complete bulls**t that the consumer ‘wants’ to believe for reassurance. Shiny thing syndrome.

    The worst offenders for warranty returns/claims:

    1. Vision (cheap end) chocolate freehubs
    2. Hunts chocolate (alloy) rims

    Surprisingly, of the factory builts, Mavic are much improved and had very few returns/claims.

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