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Mullet Commencal Meta SX and Meta Power SX models get SHORTER reach and LONGER chainstays!

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Have we finally reached peak reach? Perhaps Commencal believes so with new shorter reach numbers on both the Meta SX and Meta Power SX!

Commencal has offered a mullet version of the Supreme for most of this season, and now the Meta follows suit with the mixed wheel SX. Available in both naturally aspirated and motorised options, the Commencal Meta Power SX isn’t just a current Meta with a smaller rear wheel, but a familiar frame with all-new geometry.

Commencal Meta SX

commencal meta sx

If we ignore the fact that the SX is the first mullet Meta, for now, the really big news is that Commencal has bucked the usual trend of making their new bike longer than before, and have actually reduced reach on the new bike. Each model has a 10mm shorter reach than before meaning a large Meta SX has a 485mm reach as opposed to 495mm found on the current 29er.

Another interesting design change is the length of the chainstays. Whereas some brands state the move to mullet allows for a shorter rear end, Commencal has actually increased the chainstays. Despite having a 27.5in wheel the Meta SX has a 442mm (447mm on L and XL) chainstay compared to the Meta 29 chainstay length of just 433mm (across all sizes). Just to really show the market that they don’t follow the usual trends, the Meta SX is also steeper than the Meta 29 with a 64-degree head angle rather than 63.6.

Commencal Meta SX Geometry

While chopping and changing the geo numbers, Commencal’s designers have also added a flip chip to the Meta SX, adjusted the kinematics for a lively ride and added double row Enduro bearing to help stiffen up the rear end. On top of these changes, Commencal also mentions they have worked on improving the aesthetics of the welds, improved cable routing and also improved access to the bottle cage.

Commencal Meta SX Pricing

  • Meta SX Origin €2999
  • Meta SX Ride €3299 
  • Meta SX Essential €3999
  • Meta SX Team €5199
  • Meta SX Ohlins €5799
  • Meta SX Signature €5999

Meta Power SX

commencal Meta power SX

The Meta Power SX follows on with similar geometry changes, with the same reach and head angle as the non-assisted version but with 445mm chainstays across the range. We also see the same updates to the kinematics, and bearings and the Power SX also shares the new flip-chip option.

As with the rest of the Commencal eMTB range, the Power SX runs a Shimano EP8 motor boasting 85nm of torque and each model sports a 630Wh internal battery. Changes to the motor mount and bash guard are also said to improve ground clearance.

Meta Power SX Geometry

Commencal Meta Power SX Pricing

  • Meta Power SX Ride €5999
  • Meta Power SX Essential €6699
  • Meta Power SX Team €7599
  • Meta Power SX Signature €7899

For more details head over to the Commencal website.

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  • Mullet Commencal Meta SX and Meta Power SX models get SHORTER reach and LONGER chainstays!
  • oldnpastit
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    Would be really interesting to know what the thinking behind this is.

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    Would be really interesting to know what the thinking behind this is.

    Agreed, it would be great to know what they believe they are addressing.

    I suppose, I already have a slightly biased view, as I’m almost of the mind that for general, more conservative, all around riding that I believe most people do, that a more moderate level of LLS works best. If you are a full-throttle and very aggressive rider, then perhaps the more progressive end of LLS works better…?

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