Nukeproof Blackline Trousers

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Riding pants just make sense. They offer added protection and warmth, keep nettle stings at bay and best of all, I can whip them off at the back door and come inside for a nice warm brew without depositing mud and water all over the house. For pretty much three seasons of the year you’ll find me wearing pants, just with varying degrees of top half coverage. 

I own a good few pairs, but the Blacklines have to be up there with my favourites, and the ones I find the most versatile. They’re made from an 88% polyamide/12% elastane construction, which gives them a four-way stretch and makes them really easy to manoeuvre in and comfortable to wear. 

They feature a slim tapered fit, but are not overly tight, meaning you don’t have any excess material bunching up or flapping about, yet I can happily fit a set of slim knee pads underneath when required. Sizing wise, I’m a slightly large 32in waist and 183cm tall (yes, I know I’ve just used two different measurement systems!) and the medium pants fit me well. The waist is nice and snug without being tight and while there aren’t any belt loops, there are Velcro adjusters for cinching things up, and the length is pretty much spot on, without excessive ankle exposure. On the inner thighs there are laser cut holes for ventilation and the fabric has a DWR coating to help shrug off the worst of the elements.

They feature two front pockets with good quality YKK zips with decent sized openings that are more than enough storage for my usual riding kit of phone and small multi tool, and the pockets are where you’d expect to find them on a pair of pants.

I’ve had these for the best part of two years now – or at least two winters – and after multiple rides per week, they’re still going strong. While the DWR coating might not be as great as it once was, there are no tears or holes anywhere (despite quite a few crashes) and all the seams are still solid with no signs of fraying or coming undone. 

Unlike plenty of trousers out there that claim to be waterproof and weatherproof (and generally aren’t) the Blacklines make no such claims, and I like that about them. There’s no feeling of bin-baggishness to them, making them way more versatile. They’re comfortable, fit well, are available in plain black, have lasted well and don’t cost the earth, making them – for me at least – some of the best riding pants you can buy. 

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