Do plants have feelings? Forum Thread Of The Week

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And The First Ever Forum Thread Of The Week Is…

The first ever “Forum Thread Of The Week” goes to…  Johnnymarone for starting a conversation about the ethics of eating plants. It swiftly becoming very informative, but also super weird. And to prove this, we promptly arrived at the old Charlton Heston movie “Soylent Green” before the first page was full. In this movie, set in the now very near future, the year 2022, the 80 million people of New York line up in the streets to receive their food ration of “Soylent Green”. They are are told it is made from plankton… but what is it really made from?

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If science ever proves plants are properly sentient, whats left to eat?

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So Charlton, tell us, what is Soylent Green made from then?

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