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We’re revealing the Finalists in each of the Singletrack Reader Awards 2021 categories. Thanks to all of you for your nominations, and to our awards sponsors, Kona Bicycles. Here’s who made the cut for the Best Singletrack World Image.

Some things don’t change, and Singletrack World Magazine and have still been filled with great images. Which one stands out for you?

Pete Scullion – The Selfie Cover

A striking, inspiring image that makes you just want to get out and ride your bike. The moody clouds in the sky contrasting against the heat of the sunrise are one thing, but when you learn that this image was a selfie by Pete, it gains a whole new level of awesome.

Isaac Orloff – 20 Year Anniversary Cover

When we approached Isaac for our anniversary cover commission, we gave him what seemed like an unachievable brief. One one side we wanted to show the past rider, on all the relevant gear, and on the the other show the present/future of mountain biking. Somehow, he created this masterpiece of an illustration with very little guidance beyond ‘old vs new please mate!’
Watch the making of the cover over on YouTube.

Pete Scullion – The Sound of Arisaig

Our latest cover image has had quite an impact on Singletrack subscribers. Upon revealing the cover choice, we were flooded with positive responses and praise for Pete’s eye for a great shot. It’s never luck with Pete – he calculates, plans, checks maps and puts the work in for the shot he’s after. As always, it has paid off. Buy your copy of this cover here.

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  • Best Singletrack World Image | Pick Your Winner
  • Premier Icon monkeyboyjc
    Full Member

    The selfie cover is my fav….
    Loved the image on the most recent cover, but my immediate thought was it was done in illustrator rather than a actual photo – blurring the lines between photography and graphics….

    Premier Icon kingofthetoys
    Full Member

    Hard to choose between Pete’s flicks but the selfie takes it just, very atmospheric.

    Premier Icon leffeboy
    Full Member

    for me it’s the selfie, for the same reasons as monkeyboyjc

    Premier Icon Mark Alker
    Full Member

    To be clear. Both of Pete’s images are photos.

    Premier Icon mikeyp
    Full Member

    Pete’s photos are remarkable. I would go for the selfie fit technical difficulty

    Premier Icon Storer76
    Full Member

    Got to be the selfie!

    Premier Icon fscullion
    Free Member

    Pete Scullion selfie image is a winner

    Premier Icon jdhansom
    Free Member

    Selfie image every day. Great shot and the timing is perfect. Kudos to Mr S.

    Premier Icon Kayak23
    Full Member

    Selfie for me too, although Singletrack always nail their covers and all of those are great.

    Beautiful image. Stunning cover shot.

    Premier Icon Andrew Surrey Hills
    Full Member

    Issue 137 with the dog biting the tyre is my favourite from recent times…looks great on the physical magazine

    But yeah, singletrack do use some great cover pics

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