5 Pro Bike Checks from Red Bull Rampage 2021

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What tyres for… back flipping off a cliff, hitting the lilypad, then heading straight into a sui? Our man on the ground at the Red Bull Rampage practice days, Fahzure Freeride, talks suspension settings, contact points, and brake set up with five Rampage hopefuls.

The fact that Brage crashed out in practice was a source of extra angst, since he had an interesting looking line barely scratched into the mountain. For those that felt this year’s lines were too groomed, Brage’s was an antidote – described by Fahzure as ‘Billy goat shit that would be gone after one good rainfall’.

Utah local Jaxson Riddle should know what’s what on the Rampage terrain – he’s grown up riding this terrain. Grown up? He’s still growing! Seen by many as the future face of Freeride, he ended up winning Best Dig Team – some thought he should have won best overall. The photo of him in our photo story should probably win best pic.

Reed Boggs is another Utah local, a just little older than Jaxson. Reed is the first to compete at Rampage on a Yeti. After his first place at Proving Grounds in 2019 he was hoping to do well at Rampage, and bagged 3rd place.

Despite smashing his pelvis into multiple pieces and being airlifted off the course, Tom still bagged the best trick award for his biggest front flip on a mountain bike – a record he’s been breaking for a while. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Tyler McCaul’s bike has many interesting customisations. Where would you put Velcro to help you ride Rampage? Or electrical tape? Perhaps that’s what comes with experience. He was back at Rampage after a long time off the bike for injury, and bagged himself 5th place.

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  • 5 Pro Bike Checks from Red Bull Rampage 2021
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    Loved watching rampage. Puts the Extreme! Back into extreme sports. Big drops but oh so many tyre and wheel blow outs stopping full runs?

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Rampage 2021 Bike Check - Brage Vestavik