Survey: Do BMX Freestyle, Pump Tracks and MTB Freestyle Need More Support?

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Scottish Cycling, British Cycling and Welsh Cycling in collaboration with the BMX community are exploring the need for coaching and coach education to support the growth and progression of BMX Freestyle MTB Freestyle, Pump Track & Street Trials. They’ve issued a pair of surveys that they want as many riders as possible to complete:

Anything that gets us more tracks like this is surely a good thing?

They say:

History was made in Tokyo, with British success in the BMX and MTB events, and Scottish Cycling is today reaching out to riders to help them shape the future of the disciplines.

Unlike traditional sports and other cycling disciplines, there is no coaching pathway to support, train or develop coaches in BMX Freestyle, MTB Freestyle, Pump Track & Street Trials. Scottish Cycling have been working over the last year to understand how coaching could help support riders and develop the sport, whilst equally recognise the culture of action sports is different, and how people learn is also different.

“As more facilities are being built and these amazing communities grow, we want to explore how coaching could help grow participation and support progression in these cycling disciplines.

There is no doubt the Olympics has raised the profile of the sport significantly, which will have inspired a generation of new riders, but we also want to cater for those current riders who are at the heart of the sport – they are the core of BMX and MTB.

We recognise that the sport of cycling is evolving all the time and we want to represent the needs of individuals, organisations and cultures, and ensure we are as diverse and inclusive as possible. That’s why we are seeking the input from riders and all the stakeholders who have, or could have, a vested interest in this area.”

Craig McCulloch, Coach Developer in Scottish Cycling
For medals, or just for kicks?

By completing the survey, Scottish Cycling will enter riders into a prize draw to win a £100 bike shop or skate park gift voucher. There are three gift vouchers to be won, but you’ve got to be in it to win it, so why not complete one or both of the forms today.

The questions look at the kind of riding people are doing, the facilities they go to, and what coaching support riders think is needed. There does seem to be an emphasis on coaching rather than facilities provision or outreach/access improvement, but there’s room in the answers to express any views you might have about these things.

No doubt some will have misgivings about a ‘freestyle’ sport being given the Olympic development programme treatment, but perhaps it’s an opportunity to get a pile of investment into grass roots facilities that can be accessed by many? If you don’t give your answers, you can’t gripe later if BMX Freestyle provision involves turbo trainers and oxygen tents instead of rollers and kickers in the local park. Go make yourself heard.

BMX Freestyle Survey

Pump Track, Street Trials & MTB Freestyle Consultation

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  • Survey: Do BMX Freestyle, Pump Tracks and MTB Freestyle Need More Support?
  • Given the amount of unofficial trail building that has been popping up over the last year, I’d love to see the development of a programme that gives kids access to somewhere where they can get involved with building trails or dirt jumps and learn to progress their riding at the same time.

    The survey is a bit clunky but worth filling out, especially if you have any experience of coaching, or an underused local facility that needs some activation.

    Premier Icon thebrick
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    My god some of the suggestions in the survey are horrible such as levels and awards. Some of its is good but this is the danger with organisations getting involved trying to claim things as their own.

    Premier Icon Hannah Dobson
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    Brownie/Cubs style sashes with sew on patches for each trick completed? Annual parade of sash wearers through the streets of Corby?

    As thebrick says, some of the potential makes me shudder, but a bunch of investment in getting kids (and adults) onto bikes just for the sake of taking part would be very welcome.

    Premier Icon James
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    Glad to see street trials mentioned! Wish I’d tried to learn trials earlier in life rather than in my forties, but it took a long time to realize it’s learnable for ordinary mortals (at least the basics are). It’s such a different discipline to what general cycling is about. The more I get absorbed by it, the more road cycling appears like a very weird thing to want to do! Would love more pump tracks near by, street trials bikes works a dream on them. Nearest is ~1h10m drive round trip.

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    Sounds like the adults want to take the fun out of riding a bike as a kid no matter what the discipline of riding. Leave the competition for the few who want it

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