Mick Hannah announces retirement from World Cup racing

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Mick Hannah has announced that he plans to retire after the final race of the 2021 downhill World Cup calendar!

The time has come to announce that I’m retiring from World Cup racing. This is a moment that I’ve contemplated many times over the course of my life. So many thoughts and ideas have passed through my imagination in the long hours I’ve spent on any number of bikes. I’ve contemplated questions like “When is the right time?”, “am I going to be at the top of my game?”, “Am I going to have a career ending injury?”, “Does anyone aside from myself care?”, “Does it change my life if anyone cares or not?”. Mostly, these questions and many others are irrelevant. They’re fun to talk about and ponder with friends and mentors and they’re a great way to help us learn about ourselves, but they are not that important really. They go along well with one question I get a lot which is “How do you stay that motivated for 20 years?”. I don’t know the answer to that. I have just had a passion for going fast on a bike and set goals and worked hard to achieve them and now 20 years have passed. It has been more incredible than I could’ve imagined. It’s also been harder than I could’ve imagined. The highs and lows are huge.

Sometimes I’ve felt motivated by my own selfish desire to win. Sometimes I’ve struggled to drag myself out of bed due to my struggles with anxiety and lack of belief in my own value. Sometimes I’ve been motivated by the need to financially support my family. Sometimes I am in that sweet place of just being joyful in the moment. Mostly though I am motivated by my desire to fulfill my potential as a man created in the image of God.

 I have achieved some seemingly (to me) impossible things from the perspective of a 15 year old kid working on a banana farm. I’ll never forget getting the call while I was at work saying I was going to world championships in 2000. Just getting to be at that race was impossible for me to believe. How could I have imagined all I’ve been blessed with since then?

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  • Mick Hannah announces retirement from World Cup racing
  • Premier Icon Kayak23
    Full Member

    What a shame. Awesome rider and still often in the mix.
    A long impressive career.

    Absolute legend for his cheeky ‘Suis’ in race runs.

    I wonder what he’ll do. Wasn’t he a landscape gardener or something? In fact didn’t he sort of retire a while back, go back to that, only to return to raving again?

    Sick Mick 👊

    Premier Icon pmurden
    Full Member

    Will be much missed by both fans and racers I think. best of luck Mick.

    Premier Icon Kayak23
    Full Member


    Racing, obvs… 😂

    Premier Icon daviek
    Full Member

    Last time I went to Fort William I stood roughly where that photo was taken just so I could see the suicide no hander! was great to be there to see it rather than seeing it on you tube or the likes. Itll be weird with neither Mick or Tracy racing

    Premier Icon dannyh
    Full Member

    He’s always come across as one of the good’uns and a great rider.

    I always felt he lost a bit of his power when Sam Hill came along and took the whole ‘talking without moving the lower mandible’ thing to a new level, though.

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