GoPro Hero 10 set to launch tomorrow! Here is everything we know!

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GoPro has started to tease the release of the GoPro Hero 10 with the next generation action camera going official on the 16th of September!

GoPro’s yearly update cycle is fast approaching, in fact, it is imminent with the release of the 10th generation action camera scheduled for tomorrow, 16th September.

Officially all we have from GoPro is a teaser image of the GoPro Hero 10, which looks similar to the design of the Hero 9, along with the following teaser video.

GoPro Hero 10 Official Teaser Video

GoPro Hero 10 leaked specifications

As with almost every high-profile tech launch, there has already been a substantial leak with many tech sites reporting on the purported specifications of the latest Hero 10.

From a physical standpoint, the Hero 10 is said to measure 55 x 71 x 33.6 mm which are the same dimensions as the current Hero 9 which ties in with the rumours that the new camera will be backwards compatible with all the Mods which GoPro released last year.

Under the hood the Hero 10 is rumoured to sport a GoPro developed GP2 processor which we can assume will bring with it a speed boost to the system whilst also improving image quality and stabilisation. Speaking of image quality, rumours point at possible low light performance improvements too.

Rumoured GoPro Hero 10 specs

  • Updated 2.27-inch touch display
  • Compatible with Hero 9 accessories
  • A 1720 mAh battery
  • Hydrophobic lens coating
  • Lower weight at 153 g

According to tech website Winfuture, the 23-megapixel sensor in the improved camera will be able to shoot video at a maximum of 5.3k at 60fps. Other takeaway details from the leaks include a lower 153g weight, a 1720mAh battery, and built-in features for 1080p live streaming. Pricing should be around €540.

We’ll have the full official GoPro Hero 10 specification details tomorrow so stay tuned for those.

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