Scott Beaumont Wins his 10th 4X National Championship Title

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Over the last few years, Scott Beaumont has taken the National Champ title several times. Aside from a few events, he’s been on the top step for most of them. He recently celebrated his 10th 4x National Champs title and is now heading out to World Champs in Italy.

Racing since 1995, he’s had success in many mountain bike disciplines, most notably 4X and BMX. To celebrate his 10th national champs win, he released a video from the race at Redhill. We also had a quick chat to talk about his next goal, racing and 4x.

Would it be safe to say you’re the most successful male 4x rider in the UK?

I’ve never thought about it but yes, I am the most successful elite male 4x (possibly MTB) rider in the UK.

When was your first national champs win?

2008 at Bridgnorth in Shropshire.

Aside from 2019, have you won the men’s national champ title every year?

No not every year. 2010 and 2011 had a couple of hiccups!

Photo: Charles Robertson
What’s the next goal you’ve got in mind now you’ve hit the 10 championship wins?

The goal is very simple. I want to win the UCI 4X World Championships. We are on our way to Val di Sole in Italy now chasing the 2021 title.

With the success of BMX and XC in the Olympics, what do you think needs to happen to push 4x as a discipline in the UK?

The key for 4X going forwards is to be used as the entry point for gravity racing. The phrase we have come up with is the ‘Gateway to Gravity’. 4X races are in a controlled environment where riders can learn all the skills needed for downhill, XC or enduro.

Riders can start from 8 years old. They can learn their craft before being old enough for DH. Or they will stay with 4X. Let’s see. Also, the formation of 4X clubs at UK 4X tracks is currently going really well. Lots of new riders and the chance to learn from elite riders, meet new friends and have fun.

British Cycling have announced their plans for MTB and BMX in the next few years, have you had any involvement with your place on the commission?

Yes, I sit on the British Cycling gravity commission. 4X is certainly moving forward now. With clubs formed at the existing tracks, going forwards go ride events, local races and coaching sessions will now be much more frequent.

It’s an exciting time to be involved with 4X. Finally the potential of the sport is being realised and acknowledged.

For those interested in 4x, both in terms of racing and watching, what advice would you give?

Contact the British 4X team (@british4x on all platforms). They will point you to your local track, coaching days and upcoming races.

In your perfect world, what would you like to see happen with the 4x discipline in the next few years?

An increase in female participation, a regional race series established, and a European Championships to take place in the UK.

Photo: Charles Robertson
What does the rest of 2021 have in store for you?

We are heading to UCI 4X World Championships right now in Italy.

Then I’m home for the final 2 nationals at Afan in South Wales before heading to Germany for the final 4X ProTour race at Dirtmasters in Winterberg.

Still plenty of racing to go.

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  • Scott Beaumont Wins his 10th 4X National Championship Title
  • oldfart
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    Wow! Didnt realise 4X was a thing again, thought that got dropped a few years back. Only found out when the World Champs team was announced. Good to see Boom Boom still at the top of his game, the walk past the Kona pit was a nice touch 😉

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