Charlotte Worthington Makes History and Gets Gold

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Crashing out after attempting the 360 backflip in her first run, Charlotte Worthington came back to take gold. Nailing the trick on her second attempt, she landed it, making her the first woman to ever do so in a BMX freestyle competition. It was a close battle for gold, with Charlotte narrowly beating Hannah Roberts from the USA.

Charlotte has gone from working in a restaurant to Olympic glory. Using all her free time and holidays to attend contests and train. When BMX was adopted by the Olympics, Charlotte got support from British Cycling and from then on her attitude to training and riding changed. After only discovering the sport in her teens, the past few years have seen Charlotte get some incredible results. In 2019, she took gold at the UEC BMX Freestyle Park Europen Championships in Switzerland. Following this with a bronze at UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Championships in China. In 2021, she once again took bronze at the UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Championships in France.

Now, she is an Olympic champion who has made history by pushing the limits and becoming the first woman to land the 360 backflip.

Watch the dramatic closing stages of the BMX freestyle final as Britain’s Charlotte Worthington narrowly beats USA’s Hannah Roberts to gold at Tokyo 2020.

BBC Sport

Scoring 97.50 after her second run, she decided to take the risk to attempt it again, and the risk paid off. Here’s her reaction to winning.

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Charlotte Worthington Lands Bronze Medal at Freestyle BMX Championships

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  • Charlotte Worthington Makes History and Gets Gold
  • Premier Icon pmurden
    Full Member

    Such a great success and what a journey she’s been on. Well done

    Premier Icon bridges
    Free Member

    Really enjoyed watching this with my wife. Was hilarious hearing the commentator’s inane gibberish; ‘send it!’ Send what? A parcel? A letter? An email? 😀


    But seriously; the ability of those riders, it’s just incredible. They make it look so easy; my wife compared it to ballet and I agree. To have that level of control over movement of body and bike, takes some genuinely special talent. BMX is definitely a worthy inclusion to the Olympic Games, no question. And the story of how Beth Shriever even got to the Olympics, let alone winning gold (Gold!!!), is the stuff of fairy tales. Brilliant. The obvious love and camaraderie between her and Kye White was wonderful to see; that’s what team spirit is all about. His excitement in willing her to win, was a joy to watch.

    Premier Icon b230ftw
    Free Member

    As someone who used to BMX in the dark ages (late 90s and I actually used to ride with Jamie Bestwick when he was still an electrician in Derby and used to commute up to Wakefield Rehab skatepark a couple of times a week as it was one of only a very small amount of vert ramps in the country!!) I am so chuffed it was a good watch for a lot of people.
    Charlotte winning Gold will inspire a lot of girls to get into BMX, the effects will be massive. And to pull that sort of trick (which was pretty much a pipe dream for even pros back when I rode) to win it is even more special.
    You could tell she drew energy from pulling that trick, she just went for it afterwards.

    The weirdest thing is that there’s nowt to her! So small and slim – just shows you don’t need to be massive to pull those tricks – just have ridiculous skill and guts!!

    Premier Icon James
    Full Member


    Premier Icon Hatter
    Full Member

    Just watched her and Bethany Shriever’s wins on YouTube with my 6-year old daughter, whose eyes were out on stalks the whole time, such a huge deal.

    Good time to pester the council about a BMX track I feel….

    Premier Icon Jay
    Full Member

    What a great run she had. Phenomenal skills. I hope that this helps bring more people into the sport – particularly girls.

    Premier Icon Marin
    Free Member

    Only bit of Olympics I’ve watched. Great riding, fantastic result.

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