British Cycling Announces New Plans for BMX Freestyle

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British Cycling has announced its new long-term plans for growing BMX freestyle following the Olympics. Aimed at a grassroots level, their plans include investment in new facilities and nurturing new talent.

Charlotte Worthington and Declan Broooks
Charlotte Worthington and Declan Brooks. Photo: British Cycling

British Cycling Annouce Long-Term Ambition for BMX

The release reads:

Following on from its spectacular debut at the Tokyo Olympics and a million pounds of investment in community facilities, British Cycling is delighted to announce plans for the future of BMX freestyle, aimed at nurturing the grassroots of the sport, encouraging more people to get involved and sustaining success at the highest level.

With over a million pounds of community facilities investment, British Cycling has established a BMX freestyle commission. This includes expertise across BMX to guide the national governing body in support of the development with five aims:

  • Work with existing organisers, facilities and partners to develop a national competition structure from 2022
  • Create education and training opportunities for coaches, judges and event organisers
  • Establish an inclusive talent pathway with the introduction of a network of talent development centres in 2022 linked to facilities
  • Engage with the BMX freestyle community to support grassroots development, and grow awareness of how young people and adults can get involved
  • Work in partnership with facilities to encourage more females to have a go and ensure access for local communities

Olympic Success

The foundations for this work have already been laid. Thanks to the Places to Ride Fund, in partnership with Sport England and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. The £1million investment in facilities across five sites, and the training ramps used by Worthington and Brooks, formerly housed in Telford, as they put the finishing touches to their medal-winning routines.

The investments include a mix of facilities to support participation, talent development and events. This includes Asylum Skatepark in Sutton-in-Ashfield, Adrenaline Alley in Corby, Junction 4 Skatepark in Darwen, an Olympic standard Freestyle Park, and modular ramps to support demonstration and taster events. A long-term home for the Olympic standard park used by Worthington and Brooks will be decided in the coming months, working with the BMX Freestyle Commission.

Building a Legacy

Thanks to the heroic performances of Charlotte and Declan at the Tokyo Olympics. It has captured the attention of the whole country. I am delighted to be announcing our ambitions for this exciting discipline.

With the support of a commission which features expertise from the BMX freestyle community across facilities, coaching, judging and former elite riders, we have begun the serious business of ensuring the hard-earned achievements of Charlotte and Declan deliver a long-term legacy.

Our plans are aimed at producing medallists of the future but – just as importantly – encouraging sustainable growth of BMX freestyle at community level. In addition, providing, for the first time, a structure of national competition. BMX freestyle, as well as BMX racing, are vitally important to British Cycling. We are working towards fulfilling our commitment to make cycling accessible and relevant to more people and communities across the country.

Dani Every, British Cycling Delivery Director
Charlotte Worthington
Charlotte Worthington. Photo: British Cycling

New BMX Freestyle Commission

The commission will be working with colleagues at British Cycling over the coming months to develop a long-term strategy. This is aimed at building, supporting and growing interest across all aspects of BMX. To include freestyle, park, street, dirt, vert and flatland.

I am delighted that British Cycling have sought the involvement of the freestyle community by drawing on our insight and knowledge, and combining that with their expertise in sport development and ability to secure funding support.

British Cycling BMX Freestyle Commission chair Harry Tucker

The founder members of the BMX Freestyle Commission are Harry Tucker (chair), Stephen Rooke, Kayley Ashworth, Shaun Scarfe, Anthony Ramsey, Jonathan Wilson, Mandy Young MBE DL. They will meet monthly to review British Cycling progress, advise on future direction and make recommendations to British Cycling.  We welcome interest from others in the BMX freestyle community who would like to support us with our plans as a member of the commission in September 2021 by emailing

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  • British Cycling Announces New Plans for BMX Freestyle
  • Premier Icon thebrick
    Free Member

    Are they going to stop the shit concrete Skateparks being built that have been popping up over the past 10 years.

    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon
    Full Member

    Did anyone else notice when Dani Rowe was extolling on the BBC how well the British cyclists had done at the Olympics, that she completely missed the MTB gold?

    Probably accidental but did fit the usual BC trope of completely overlooking anything that isn’t the velodrome 😂

    Premier Icon bigdean
    Full Member

    I remember in the early 90’s taking a 4hr round trip to buy 20min BMX VHS tapes.
    Skateparks were very sparse then there was a slight boom but all metal crap park that were just dangerous. I remember talking to a councilor about a concrete park and he just shrugged “they’ll only smash it with hammers”. Seems thing are finally moving in the right direction.

    Also the park built buy the Olympic committee for training is up for transfer, free but you have to run it as a public skate park and the rent alone is nearly £750000/ year.
    Good luck with that.

    Ok so read the article, above might be bobbins but seems plusable.

    Can we have an old biffer rolling around the park session? I must drive past asylum nearly everyday.

    Premier Icon thebrick
    Free Member

    @bigdean Last I heard asylum had very restrictive opening on the “Olympic training ramps”? I might be wrong. It’s not somewhere I go to pay too much attention.

    Rent for indoor skateparks is massive. They have to be lucky and find a declining industrial estate where no one wants to rent the units.

    Premier Icon spev
    Full Member

    Or in the case of Swansea, make it so you cock up the process of granting permits etc to UPGRADE the EXISTING skatepark (thats generous, its a metal ramp thats been there for 20 years) allowing local rich bellends to get it stopped (our outdoor skatepark in waiting). Or,in the case of a local transferring his park from nearby Llanelli to a unit in Swansea (Fforestfach) had his change of use refused (still ongoing) on the spurious excuse that ” we want leisure facilities to be nearer the city centre” , fine if they can find a unit large enough and cheap enough.
    Obviously if you have enough money in your back pocket you can stop skateparks or open a large store (currys,tesco etc) wherever the hell you want and get your rates discounted for a long period but don’t try a provide a needed facility whatever you do.
    Im not angry about it no.

    Premier Icon spev
    Full Member

    to be clear, Swansea City Council planning and legal departments made two huge obvious errors during the planning and land transfer stages allowing a high court to rule against it. I’m no conspiracy theorist but its valuable land that would/could be sold for a large sum to someone like the bloke that owns Trade Centre Wales to build a giant bond villain-esque carbuncle masquerading as a house opposite the existing skatepark so he can complain about the skatepark.

    Nope, still not angry

    Premier Icon thebrick
    Free Member

    ^Speak to Rob Ridge about counsel / skatepark politics. Local counsel (in particular parish) are ridiculous.

    Premier Icon qwerty
    Free Member

    Demolishing our local indoor skatepark for the land to sit idle for decades.

    Premier Icon tomcrow99
    Full Member

    Had a great session a few days ago down at the Source indoor BMX/skate park in Hastings. So much fun and some really young kids absolutely shredding. Rented a bike and now seriously tempted to buy one for my local outdoor park (Livingston, Scotland)

    Premier Icon Michaela
    Full Member

    We tried getting a pumptrack built a few years ago, Peterlee town council didn’t want to know as there’s already a really shit concrete skatepark that’s really shit. Tried to explain the differences to blank/glazed-over expression on the faces of the duffers in the council. Gave up. Meh.

    Premier Icon thebrick
    Free Member

    Rented a bike and now seriously tempted to buy one for my local outdoor park (Livingston, Scotland)

    You have an excellent skatepark there plus not to far to arguably the best skatepark in the UK (unit 23).

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