Amair and Saqib.

Two Brothers Stop Bike Theft in Hotel Car Park

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If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll never know the horror of having bikes stolen or targeted by thieves. For Farah Ahmed and her partner, Jamie Tandoh this was a reality when she reported her bikes stolen on Saturday, 24 July. Having recently been given the bike as a gift for her birthday, she tweeted about the bike theft following a stay in Manchester.

A Stolen Birthday Present

Jamie managed to get the bike in from the States – the last small Primer available in the world I think! – and get it all ready in time for my birthday. I went to his the day of my birthday and he suprised me with it having built it all up – sourcing bits and pieces from where he could in a matter of days – ready to roll when I thought it wasn’t going to arrive for ages!

I had only managed to take it for one ride before heading up to Manchester! Instantly on the ride on the South Downs this bike rocked. No uphill could defeat me and it brought me back to so many fun times on the downhills – tech singletrack and across fields. Made such a difference to my riding in and instant! So when we come across the van and the window smashed in I just howled with despair! Unbelievable but also believeable!

Farah Ahmed

Bike Theft

Posting the news on Saturday morning, Farah reported the bike theft on her social media. Jamie and Farah had returned to the van and the window was smashed. But the good news is, a few hours later, she shared good news in a post from the the_bicycle_bakery

The good news is that the bikes were saved by two brothers, Amair and Saqib. The post read:

 Amair and Saqib Save the Day!

Panic over! These two brothers saved our bikes, Amair and Saqib. Last night they heard some scumbags banging on various VW T5’s windows, unfortunately, mine was the weakest and broke first. They alerted the police, but in normal police fashion, they didn’t seem terribly bothered. Amair and Saqib took it upon themselves to leave the hotel room they were in, which overlooked the car park, and take action against the thieves and recover both bikes. The only losses are a couple of bags, an axle to my forks and the van window. These guys are absolute legends! They wouldn’t accept any form of reward and would only take thanks, I was quite teary by this point. I have stalked Amair on Facebook and have found this Just Giving account he’s passionate about. If you so feel inclined to help a brother out and his cause, please do so.

The Bicycle Bakery

Jamie Tandoh (The Bicycle Bakery) posted to his Instagram stories that once they had returned to the van and found the damage, two guys were shouting to them to explain what happened. They later met them and were reunited with their bikes. Aside from missing a few bits from the van, there was nothing that couldn’t be replaced. After going to get a new fork, they continued their travels and even managed to source a new window on Facebook.

What started as a terrible day could have ended so much worse. Thankfully it was made better by two brothers who saved the day. They stood up to the thieves and saved the bikes. We’re just glad this story has a happy ending.

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  • Two Brothers Stop Bike Theft in Hotel Car Park
  • kayak23
    Full Member

    Brilliant result. 😊

    Full Member

    A good news story – yay! 🙂
    And a lovely use of facestalking too

    Full Member

    Well done chaps, we salute you!

    Full Member

    Well played….

    Full Member

    Great guys.
    Very brave to get involved, the thieves could well have been armed.
    Renews my faith in humanity, i firmly believe that most people would do you a good turn rather than bad.

    Full Member

    If you ever find yourself in Tunbridge Wells go visit Jamie at the Bicycle Bakery, you won’t be disappointed.

    A few years ago it was my go to for coffee and cake when I worked in Tunbridge Wells.

    Full Member

    Very selfless action indeed! I wouldn’t expect anyone to put themselves in harms way to save my bike, but it’s great they managed to deal with the situation.

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