Red Bull Hardline Track Walk with Bernard Kerr

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If you haven’t seen his course preview, go check it out. He makes it look so easy it’s kind of scary. To give you an even better insight and closer look at the course, here’s a track walk from Red Bull Hardline with Bernard Kerr too.

The track walk allows you to see Red Bull Hardline from a different view. We also get to hear from the other riders and what they think! With almost 20 minutes of footage, it’s a really good look behind the scenes. This year’s Hardline track is pretty huge, even some of the guys seem to think so.

It’s Red Bull Hardline week…and this is the trackwalker LSD!! All the names including Matt jones, Rob Warner, Kade Edwards, Reece Wilson and Laurie Greenland give you their thoughts!

Bernard Kerr

Red Bull Hardline 2021 Riders:

  • Adam Brayton
  • Craig Evans
  • Matt Hockenhull
  • Brendan Fairclough
  • Charlie Hatton
  • Kade Edwards
  • Kaos Seagrave
  • Lewis Buchanan
  • Bernard Kerr
  • Elliot Heap
  • Harry Molloy
  • Joe Smith
  • Jono Jones
  • Laurie Greenland
  • Oscar Harnstrom
  • Brage Vestavik
  • Gaetan Vige
  • Jerome Caroli
  • Johny Salido
  • Matteo Iniguez
  • Thibault Laly
  • Thomas Genon
  • Sam Gale
  • Vincent Tupin
  • Johannes Fischbach
  • Jim Monro
  • Josh Lowe
  • Theo Erlangsen

Don’t forget to tune in and watch both qualifying and finals live. Find the details here.

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