Singletrack Ride And Shine Medium Blend Coffee


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Introducing our new easy drinking “Ride & Shine” coffee.

Some people have found our other coffee, the “Deadline Blend” somewhat strong. We have even heard of people cutting it with Columbian to reduce the strength! However if you can find a use for a shaking/vibrating hand, it’s worth checking out the Deadline blend.

So, the quest was on to find a mellower coffee that is still incredibly flavoursome. After much blending, tasting and consequently some jumping up and down, we discovered this remarkable medium/light roast coffee. This is our easy drinking and refreshing blend, happy with or without milk. A delightful combination of two traditional South American beans. It is very very nice. It also has a 7 speed cassette as a logo to please the grump retro-grouches.

Directions for use: Wake up, brew up, grab bike, ride and shine.


  • 250g
  • Whole beans or ground
  • Medium/light roast
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Ground or Whole Bean

Whole Bean, French Press Grind


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