Öhlins brings 38mm stanchions and downhill performance to Enduro and eMTBs with the new RXF38 m.2

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Swedish suspension makers, Öhlins has taken the burly chassis and competitive damping of its DH fork to make the new RXF38 m.2. 

As eMTBs become faster and more capable, and as we watch enduro bikes become ‘super enduro’ bikes, suspension manufacturers are racing to keep up with longer travel forks and bigger chassis. It wasn’t that long ago that a Fox 36 or a RockShox Lyrik was more than enough for the toughest and most challenging terrain, but now riders require Zebs and Fox 38s when they hurtle downhill on long-travel bikes.

The new Öhlins RXF38 m.2 fork is aimed at Enduro and eMTB riders wanting more travel. For Super Enduro bikes the 170-180mm travel options and larger chassis makes sense, whereas the 160+ mark is perfectly suited for hardcore eMTB riders. 

Unsurprisingly the RXF38 m.2 is based on Öhlins downhill forks and uses much of the same technology developed by top World Cup racers, and although it sports a chunker chassis it weighs just 200g more than the RXF36 m.2. 

Headline features of the new fork include the larger 38mm stanchions that promise to improve stiffness, but not at the expense of making the fork too rigid. Öhilns has worked on the chassis to allow flex where it is needed to ensure fatigue-free downhill thundering.

The new larger chassis houses the tried and tested TTX18 damping system found on Öhlins downhill forks. The 18mm piston system promises small bump trail compliance as well as big hit absorption and increased traction. Öhlins sticks with an air spring for the new fork which saves on weight and is also easily adjustable from 160-170-180mm of travel.

On top of air and travel adjustment, the RXF38 m.2 also boasts 15 clicks of low-speed compression and low-speed rebound damping and 3 clicks of high-speed compression adjustment, in addition to a climb mode setting.

Öhlins RXF38 m.2 Features

  • TTX18 damping system
  • Independent cartridge air spring and damper systems
  • Air spring adjustable to 160/170/180 mm of travel
  • Easy to tune three-chamber air spring system
  • 38 mm stanchion diameter with both 44mm and 51mm crown offsets
  • Floating axle design to minimize friction
  • Approved for eMTB use and available with eMTB compatible crowns
  • Compatible with maximum tire sizes up to 29”x2.6
  • Compatible with maximum rotor sizes up to 220mm, optimised for 200mm.
  • Weight: from 2320 grams
  • Axle to crown measurement: 583mm @ 170mm stroke

The air-sprung RXF38 m.2 will be available to purchase later this fall and is priced at $1350 USD and €1238 EUR (excluding VAT).

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