Midweek Movies: The Red Bull Hardline Edition

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Happy Wednesday! There’s been a lot of content from Red Bull Hardline. A lot of it from the riders themselves which has been a great way to get a closer look at the event. With a lot of the riders vlogging and making their own edits, it’s a good way to go behind the scenes. Here’s a look at some of the best for this week’s midweek movies.

You might need to set some time aside for this one, the videos aren’t short. Still, we’re not going to complain!

Winning Red Bull Hardline: Finals Day

Bernard’s videos are really good, he puts a lot of time into bringing us along for the adventure. From the morning to his win he takes us through finals.

Well we bloody did it sports fans…We won Redbull Hardline 2021 and for my 3rd time!!! I couldn’t be more stoked so thanks to everyone at home for the support as well as all of our sponsors! I hope you’ve enjoyed the show, we’ll see you again soon!

Bernard Kerr

Gastovlog – Redbull Hardline – The Final Chapter. Qualifying & Race 2021

Adam Brayton aka Grandad has combined the qualifying and race video into one. Not that there was much on qualifying day as it was cancelled due to the wind. At least this way we can see what happened and what the conditions were like on Saturday.

Behind the scenes mostly lol

Adam Brayton

Final Practice at Red Bull Hardline was Tough!

Lewis Buchanan was a bit battered and bruised after his crash at Hardline. He wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to ride. Considering he was injured and his background isn’t really in hitting anything the Hardline course presented, it’s really impressive that he rode it. This is a really interesting video, you can almost feel his nerves.

Damn beat up and battered from my crash but I’m not giving up. Practice day 3 was a real struggle but tune in to see how I got on.

Lewis Buchanan

5th at Red Bull Hardline with my Pants Down

Seeing the same event from several different perspectives is quite a unique way to look at things. Follow Brendog as he rides the track and chats with the other riders in the pits. Imagine if Brendan’s trousers had actually come off during the live feed! Luckily, as he says, he managed to hold on to them.

So today was finally Finals day at Red Bull Hardline, we’ve had the sickest week out here with the coolest people ever as well. Coming into the day I felt real good in the morning after doing some practice laps, felt super confident on the tech areas and knew my downhill mountain bike would be up to the test.

What I hadn’t realised was the pace that would be shown by some of the other boys, they absolutely blew me away today and I can’t be more proud of the new young blood coming through to our sport. And of course congrats to @Bernard Kerr for winning for a 3rd time, hopefully next year we’ll be able to beat him next time. But thanks again to Red Bull and the whole team who sorted us out this past week, been super sick to hang out with everyone and have a rad time out here.

Brendan Fairclough

Full Runs and Crashes on the Insane Red Bull Hardline Race Course!

Again, Matt Jones gives us a good look at how the event went. Red Bull treated the guys to some pizza and some fun on pit bikes to blow off some steam. We also get to see some POV stuff from the other guys and check out the features on track.

It’s the day of qualifying at Red Bull Hardline 2021, with the live race tomorrow to crown the gnarliest pro downhill MTB racer the champion of Hardline, the world’s most insane downhill race track. My twin brother Jono will be racing and has now ridden every one of the new jumps and features on the changed course for this year. The jumps are huge and all the riders have teamed up to ride this savage series of gaps and blind drops. Red Bull bought 5 brand new pit bikes for all the racers to go head to head for an epic pit bike race in 5 teams. It was insanely fun racing around a field and watching everyone crash on the mini motorbikes.

Enjoy some POV riding from Jono, Bernard Kerr and Brendan Fairclough just before we go live for finals and qualis today and tomorrow. Good luck to Bernard after a crash in practice today, he’s super motivated to produce a winning run and make it 3 wins here at Hardline. Legends.

Matt Jones

My Red Bull Hardline Race Run on my Enduro Bike

Here’s Lewis riding the track on his enduro bike. He swapped the forks out as he doesn’t have a DH rig. The run was a little wild!

Stoked to show you all my race run from Red Bull Hardline. I was super beat up from my practice crash but I managed it well and just got down nice and clean. Stoked with 12th place and on my enduro bike. It performed so so well but I think for 2022 I will have a big DH rig sorted then it’ll be time to turn it up! The new Norco Range blew me away with how it managed the features throughout the week. Big love to you all supporting me and been behind me as it really goes such a long way!

Lewis Buchanan

Full Run and Game Over Crash

Johannes Fischbach had a hefty crash during Hardline on the last jump before the finish. A bunch of the guys run to check to see if he’s ok. That looked like a big one. Glad he’s ok after that. His phone, not so much.

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    In the run up and during the event I’ve now watched so much Hardline footage, from POV and off-bike that I feel certain I could ride it well easy as I know all the lines and speeds… 😉

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