Jack Reading Mega

Jack Reading’s Fourth Place Megavalanche Run

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Here is Jack’s full race run at this year’s Megavalanche in Alpe d’Huez. It was the first time he’s ridden it, so to finish fourth is pretty wild. Take a run down with Jack and see what his race run looked like!

4th place at my first Megavalanche! I even led the Glacier. What an experience and what a way to finish a very tough 5 weeks on the road. Here is the full race run, and make sure you have the sound on, as the running commentary is worth a laugh at. Don’t miss the part when the smart helicopter pilot drops down in front of me and creates a mini tornado for me to try and ride through when I was already totally f***ked.

Jack Reading
Jack Reading

Talking about Megavalanche on his Instagram, Jack said he’ll be going for the win next year.

After a very challenging 5 weeks today was unreal. I led from the exit of the first turn most of the way down the glacier which was mad! Having never ridden it before I got the line and braking zone wrong in the last important corner and came off the glacier behind the eventual winner @stefanpeter22 in 2nd. After following for a while on the downhill stuff which was a little frustrating, I went onto the flat/climb 5 minute + section in 2nd, and managed to hang on to 4th dropping into the lower half which is more DH. @kilianbron and @alexis.chenevier went past me like I wasn’t moving on the climb. I then had an epic 15/20 minute battle with @torben.drach all the way to the finish. I JUST managed to defend my position and finished 4th.

Jack Reading

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Comments (2)

    Bloody excellent – some of the best, most entertaining POV footage that I’ve seen in a long time.
    Just like being there…

    Ace riding! Yeah those guys were scary fast in the uphill section – third overtaker came past and vanished!! I can only imagine the frustration of battling an artificial downdraft when you’re already on the limit, can’t help but think (given how experienced these guys must be from following TdF) he knew what he was doing . The only downside of such a phenomenal run on the glacier is I have to go elsewhere for vids of the pileups. Not bad for an optician from Saddleworth.

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