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2021 Making Up The Numbers Team Launch Video!

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Ahead of National Champs this weekend here’s the 2021 Making Up The Numbers Team Launch Video. Enjoy! 

Massive spoiler, it’s exactly the same race team as 2019 & (although we didn’t get to do any racing) 2020.

Kieran Davies – Elite Men

Fast. Made our dreams come true when he raced the 2019 Maribor World Cup in a Making Up The Numbers jersey. Couldn’t attend the filming as he was practicing at Revolution Bike Park. Commitment level – Extreme

Neil White – Veteran 40 – 44

Former National Champion & Masters Worlds Medallist. Bought the family a caravan so they could spend the weekend at his local DH trails which are 20 minutes from their house. “They love it.” Apparently. Actually understands how suspension works, already won 3 races this season, won’t hear anyone say a bad word about the V10. Commitment level – Max

George Thompson – Veteran 45 – 49

Couldn’t stay over at the first National as he had to collect a giant dolls house en route & there wasn’t room in the van for that & his bed. Hasn’t done any regular exercise since March & according to Strava fitness level is currently 8/100 – an all-time low; talks a good game though. Commitment level – Low.

Richard Binns – Grand Veteran

Former National Series Champion. Isn’t racing National Champs as he’s off to Switzerland to meet his grandson for the first time. Survived lockdown on a diet of cheese & wine. Undefeated against George but now maintains that record by selectively choosing when & where he races. Commitment level – Very low

Making Up The Numbers is sponsored by: Hope, J-Tech Suspension, Revolution Bike Park, Ride Southern Spain, Schwalbe & Singletrack World. Thanks for believing in us. We’ll probably let you down, but we’ll have fun trying!

The Making Up The Numbers Podcast is 110% better prepared and more professional than the Team. Catch up here:

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