Video: Greg Minnaar’s Unfinished Business

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Being consistently at the top of your game is no easy feat, especially when you’ve been doing it for such a long time. Greg Minnaar is one hell of a rider and he’s not ready to stop, not yet at least. He’s got unfinished business.

My last win was in 2017. In the back of your mind you do wonder if you’re capable of winning again? I want to race to win, I want to be on the podium. That’s why I know it’s not time yet, there’s still unfinished business. And it needs to be taken care of.

Greg Minnaar.

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39 years young, Greg Minnaar is redefining what an action sports athlete can do in the ‘latter’ years of their career, as he consistently progresses year on year, with a drive that’s unmatched to this day.

Greg Minnaar
Photo: Bartek Wolinski/Red Bull Content Pool.

Coming into 2020, with it being such a short season there was no time to build into things, you had to come out of the gate swinging. After a podium in Maribor, Greg went on to prove he still had the speed by taking round three out in Lousa. Go into the mind of the G.O.A.T as he gives you an honest and insightful account into his mindset and preparation, that has kept him on top to this day.

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