Production Privée celebrates downhill WC entry and motorsport history with 2 new ‘universes’

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Production Privée’s new steel bikes celebrate downhill racing and motorsport history.

Any rider with just a passing knowledge of Production Privée will be well aware of the brand’s love of motorsport. Over the years the Andorran brand has produced some spectacular bikes featuring some of the most iconic racing designs of all time, from Gulf blue and orange to Lancia’s Martini livery. More recently PP bikes have borrowed inspiration from Land Rover and even motorcycle history, but 2 new ‘universes’ have been revealed to celebrate the brand’s passion for all things petrol.

Any other brand would call these new options ‘builds’ or ‘models’ but Production Privée calls them ‘universes’ and likes to create a story around new options. Grand Prix is an obvious nod to racing, but it’s also a celebration to Production Privée’s entry into the UCI DH World Cup and its CNC machined downhill bike of the same name. Racing History honours the classic British Racing Green colour of many racers from across the years.

Grand Prix

Grand Prix, the pinnacle of motorsport racing and our most competitive universe yet. Grand Prix celebrates our love of racing and our entry into the Downhill World Cup with our cutting edge DH bike of the same name. 

Sporting our custom, race-inspired livery, this Production Privée universe is made for riders in search of victory, for hunting down the chequered flag and racking up a Le Mans worth of bike park laps. Like our motorsport heroes before us, Grand Prix will be our ultimate achievement.

Racing History

Few colours bring about such emotion and nostalgia as the classic British Racing Green, a colour synonymous with exclusive Jaguar racers, Bentley Le Man cars, and even the mighty Mini, star of the Italian Job. So when we decided to pay our respects to the history of racing with a new limited edition Production Privée BRG was the unanimous choice.

The Racing History universe pays homage to the original ladies and gentleman of racing. It’s thanks to drivers like Stirling Moss and visionaries like Colin Chapman that our passion for motorsport blossomed. It’s thanks to them we have a Racing History.

Production Privée

Each Universe features the classic Shan 27, Shan GT 29er and the latest Shan No5 29er steel full-suspension bike. Each frameset uses steel tubing and shares the same geometry and sizing options as current Production Privée models. 

Build kits include SRAM drivetrains and RockShox Suspension, but if you fancied something a little more exclusive then the Shan No5 Racing History only be offered in limited numbers and will feature a Cane Creek Suspension.

Full pricing and details can be found over on the Production Privée website.

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