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It’s Hannah’s Birthday – Members get discount T-Shirts!

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Ooh, yay, 10th June, it’s my birthday! Come and celebrate the passing of time and the greying of hair with me. I’m in the calm waters between mid-life crisis and hot flushes. Maybe it’s even the prime of my life?

To celebrate, we’re offering Singletrack World Members a 24 hour flash sale on our ‘Today’ T-Shirts. Just log in and then click this link, and you will find that as a Digital or Print and Digital Member you’re able to buy this T-Shirt at just £14.99, down from the full price of £24.99.

It’s Organic, it’s blue, and it says ‘Today I Have Mostly Been Riding My Bicycle’ on it. Whenever I wear this T-Shirt I’m torn between feeling fraudulent and inspired. ‘Today I Have Mostly Been Thinking About Riding My Bicycle’ might be more accurate. Or even ‘Today I Have Mostly Been Thinking About Other People Riding Their Bicycles’, which is very accurate but also sounds a little wrong. But I do think about you all riding your bicycles, because whenever I hear that something you’ve read here inspired you to get out and ride, I feel a little bit happier. My fingers type a little bit quicker, and I edge just a little bit closer to closing my laptop and reaching for my bike. And then I can at least say ‘Today I Have Somewhat Been Riding My Bicycle’.

Thanks for being along for the ride. Happy Birthday to me, happy trails to you.


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Comments (10)

    Happy birthday 🙂

    Another one… It’s MsJimmy’s birthday, also my sister’s, also my daughter’s favourite nursery nurse’s. I forgot to send my sister a card so I’m already at capacity, sorry. Happy birthday, though!

    Many Happy Returns! Sounds like you should take the day off and ride your bike, eat cake and drink beer. I am happy to do any of these on your behalf. 🙂

    Happy Birthday!

    Just bought a shirt too as my old one looks like I have mostly been wearing it twice a week for the last decade.

    Happy birthday Hannah

    Happy Birthday Hannah. Just back from a short 16 mile off road blast with my son, no particular reason, he just rang up and said “fancy a ride this morning dad?”. Perfect start to the day.

    Happy birthday Hannah!

    Thanks everyone, it’s been interesting and has included my 12 year old daughter being scared by a masked man in a leather jacket at the door demanding to see my partner. The public health people checking he’s sticking to quarantine! Only, he’s not in the country yet because he couldn’t get on the flight because his test results took too long. And then they called me from a line so bad I couldn’t hear them and took it to be an accident claims spam call. Kafka, anyone?

    Ah, the joy’s of mid-life in the 21st century. Happy birthday from a fellow 10th of the 6th’er

    Happy birthday Hannah. Many happy returns of the day, Hugs and kisses X X X

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