Fresh Goods Friday 555 – The Big Life Changes Edition

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This week we’ve managed to fit in a house move, a haircut, and an engagement at Singletrack Virtual Towers. If we extend the family ties a little, there’s also been a birth and a new bike day. All the big stuff. Bigger still: the curly bar happenings continue – not only has Andi taken up gravel riding, but Ross has announced he’s riding a road bike. It is for charity though, so whether it’s an anomaly or about to become a habit we don’t yet know – that might depend on the state of his undercarriage by the time he gets to Blackpool. The state of any part of his body by the time he leaves Blackpool will likely be unrelated to the riding of the road bike. Probably a good job the nightclubs are still shut.

What with all this significant activity, it seems the post box has been a little quiet this week. If you’ve been lucky enough to get a new bike delivered and built up then maybe you’d like to tell us about it? Nice pics and interesting builds might get you into our Readers’ Rides feature!

Quiet or no, big life changes or baby steps, the show must go on. So here it is, Fresh Goods Friday 555!

Garmin HRM Pro

The Garmin HRM Pro is a lightweight premium strap with a host of bonus features, including ANT+ running dynamics, heart rate variability support, stand-alone activity monitoring (steps, all-day heart rate, calories, and intensity minutes), and the capacity to store your heart rate data for syncing later. There are not triathletes here at Singletrack, but we do have an Art Director with a strange heart and a newfound obsession with heart rate data.

bryton Rider 750 T

The bryton Rider 750 is a GPS bike computer that has just become available in the UK. Featuring touchscreen online navigation, voice search, 3rd party integration and over 85 functions. The bundle arrives with a HRM chest strap, speed and cadence sensors, and more rubber bands and mounts than you could ever wish for.

Nukeproof Blackline Women’s SS Jersey LTD ED

Nukeproof kit just keeps on getting better. This Ltd Ed Blackline jersey has a breathable mesh back and underarm for comfort, a drop hem, crew neck and a funky colourful skull design.

Nukeproof Blackline Women’s SS Jersey

The ‘standard’ Blackline jersey comes in two colour fade options. This one reminds us of a shoreline and a sandy beach, which makes us warm and happy. All the same great features as the skull jersey above, only in brighter colours!

Nukeproof Blackline Women’s Shorts with Liner

The biggest update to the Nukeproof Blackline shorts is a high quality liner… which is not pictured since a paddleboarder came up the canal whilst we were taking photos. The inner waist has adjustable Velcro tabs, there’s a zip and two poppers for a secure fit, and plenty of laser cut breathable holes.

Bikey Engagement Ring

Custom made by BMX pro Matt Beringer to the design of Hannah’s betrothed, this is a blue/purple Ti ring in a teeny tiny size that fits Hannah’s twiggy finger (she didn’t know they were that tiny until her kids tried it on and it was too small for both of them!). With a slick centre for smooth rolling, and textured edges for keeping traction over the bumps, maybe it’s a metaphor – or just a tyre. Or should that be tire? The transatlantic love affair continues.

CST Universal Tyre Sealant

  • Price:  £27.99 for 1L, £9.99 250ml 
  • From: Maxxis

Designed and made in the UK, this new sealant claims to seal up to 7mm holes. By being made in the UK it should be less heavy on the carbon footprint (if you live in the UK and buy it of course – readers in far flung parts won’t be able to claim the same benefit). It also claims to have anti sealant monster forming properties – which is useful, but perhaps spoils the element of surprise when it comes to refreshing your sealant or changing your tyres.

That’s your lot for this week’s Fresh Goods. Chipps is off to unpack all his worldly possessions – he’s currently trying to remember which box has his work computer in it – and the rest of us are off to party like it’s a warm and damp weekend. Perfect conditions for…going mouldy?

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Comments (6)

    Congratulations Hannah

    Liking that Nukeproof kit. Shame they don’t do similar designs for the man dem.

    Congratulations, Hannah. I have to admit, when I went on the forum and saw so many people compliment you on your ring, I thought I was on the wrong site.

    Good luck to Ross on the ride. She sounds like an incredible person – donated.

    Many congratulations Hannah. Just the tricky question of where to get married unless that’s been resolved? I can highly recommend having a reception in a remote scottish bothy. Good memories are still bright & vivid almost 20yrs later.

    Congratulations Hannah. What lovely news to see.

    Congratulations and what an unusual ring, safeguard it and leave it at home whilst biking. Why do I say this? Having tried to de-glove my finger on a tree in Wharncliffe I have now taken to leaving my wedding ring at home and installed the Nukeproof Sam Hill guards on the bars. We now call the trail the White Knuckle Ride.

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