Cannondale Dave – For Anywhere and Everywhere

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We take a look at the Cannondale Dave dirt jump bike – and its curious marketing.

Better Bring Dave

Anywhere and everywhere – jump lines, street jibs, skatepark flow, pump-track laps, whatever. Dave’s into it.

Cannondale DAVE
Oof. Mind the paint.

The Cannondale Dave comes with a marketing package that seeks to position the Dave as a bike for anywhere, for anyone. It’s got street smarts and a low budget launch movie shot anywhere but the glamorous trails of southern Europe. This seems to fit with some of Josh Bryceland’s aims for his Cannondale Sessions team (crew?) and the bike bears the hallmarks of those riders: Sam aka ‘Dave’ Hockenhull gives it the name and there are graphics from Max Nerurkar.

The video is…weird. In a good way, we think. A dirt jump bike being advertised by someone talking about having a knee operation? And featuring a fork that doesn’t actually come on the bike? It’s unusual, but it kind of fits with the whole Bryceland thing of going against the grain when it comes to the commercial side of the bike industry.

At £1,099 it’s a relatively budget bike in today’s world, but it’s still going to take a lot of paper rounds to save up for. Let’s take a look at what else the marketing has to say:

  • All right. Dave is dialed. Modern jump details such as beefy aluminum construction, lively geo, low-slung frame, integrated chain tensioners, everything you want – all at a down to earth price.
  • Style for days. Ready to roll, straight out the box. 26” wheels, Fabric Magic saddle, Funguy grips, Manitou jump fork, extra-long brake hosing for barspins, even griptape graphics (shovel not included).
  • Huck it. Go on and send it, sender. Whip it, flip it, rip it – if you got it in you, Dave will do it too. He’s a tough little SOB.

With Max’s input it’s a nice looking bike with some fun touches. The graphite glitter finish is especially pretty, we want to know how it feels – is it textured?

Does all this work for you and make you want one? Or do your knees ache at the sight of it and the video? Hop on over to Cannondale for more information.

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