5 years in the making, this is the Raaw Madonna V2.2

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New updates mean the V2.2 is more refined and that all Raaw owners now get a 5-year warranty! Yes, that means you!

The Raaw Madonna V2.2 isn’t anything for current Madonna owners to get too hot under the collar about. It doesn’t feature new geometry and there aren’t any massive changes to this frame compared to the previous model. Instead, the V2.2 offers riders a few neat and subtle updates to an already very sorted frameset.

Most of the refinements can be found around the front triangle such as the new one-piece hydroformed seat tube. On the surface it looks like a small point but changing the construction of the seat tube means less welding, offers a large intersection for the pivots while also adding strength and durability. At the same time the bottom bracket, rocker pivot shock mount and shock link have all undergone a redesign. The change in BB design means the lower shock mount is now integrated and increases shock clearance on small and medium-sized frames. On the other hand, it has allowed the top-tube to drop on larger frames for better standover.

It’s clear from just looking at the build of the Raaw Madonna that this bike is built with performance, durability and quality in mind and even the smallest details have been taken into account. For example, the new lower shock mount also uses a 2 piece design to equally transfer forces into the frame. The shock hardware is also made to higher tolerances, which should mean a longer service life too.

Changes to the rocker link give it a cleaner look while the new rocker pivot reduces the overall complexity of the frameset while maintaining a quieter bike for longer.

Perhaps the biggest change to the V2.2 is the new axle design. The new design resists rotation to prevent twisting or bending and locks both sides of the frame together. The new design can be tightened via 6mm Allen key or 15mm socket, and there are options for a lighter axle (using just a 15mm socket) or optional dropouts so riders can use an X12 axle.

5 year warranty

Ok, perhaps this is the biggest news. All Raaw frames now come with a 5-year warranty as standard, and that applies to all framesets sold since 2017. So today’s news automatically upgrades current owners frames which is awesome.

And finally, Raaw is now working with Öhlins alongside Fox so riders can pimp their Madonna out with some of the best performing suspension on the planet.

For more details visit the Raaw website.

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