Fresh Goods Friday 548 – The everything is secret edition

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Yes, we have stuff, but we can’t tell you about it. It’s all secret. It’s a moving feast of secrecy. As if it wasn’t complicated enough to remember what can or can’t go in Fresh Goods Friday in any given week, now product launches keep moving. Two days forward, three days back, three months back…and what time zone will that be in? Argh!

This week, we’re bringing you the things we’re pretty sure aren’t secret. Or they weren’t when we wrote this. But if another boat has gotten stuck, or there’s a shortage of raisins in Taiwan, or a discovery that there aren’t enough rolls of sellotape to seal up the boxes, or whatever unexpected issue crops up next, then maybe times will have changed. Whatever it is, if you see it and you want it and it’s for sale, buy it up faster than a 4 bed fixer upper in an area with good schools and a Waitrose. Blink! Too late, sold out. Wait eleventy-nine weeks for the next order to arrive.

Here is this week’s collection of Fresh Goods Friday product. No, we’re not selling any of it to you. Put that brown envelope away. We’re in a public place and I think that guy is watching us through his newspaper.

Cairn BRAVe 1.0 drop bar

  • Price: £2,549
  • From: Cairn

Whereas the previous bike from Cairn – the Adventure 1.0 – was an e-gravel bike for fast and light riding, the BRAVe 1.0 is designed for burlier stuff. Big mountain passes with big luggage or long haul trips into the beyond perhaps? It’s got the Shimano E7000 motor for heaps of assist should you want it, and takes up to 29×2.5in tyres. Yes, that’s mountain bike proportions, and if you don’t want the flared bars you see here there’s also a flat bar option. Count your mounts and start planning all the things you’ll attach to them – you’ve got a while to get imaginative. Pre-order now for December delivery, and watch this space for a review coming soon.

Morsa Bar Mount System

Mounting Arm £19.99
Universal Mount £9.99
GoPro mount £9.99
Camera/Light Mount £9.99

The Morsa collection of mounts and accessories is designed to allow you to mount up to three devices on your bars while taking up the space for just one. It’s a big clamp designed for 31.8 diameter bars and is made from carbon composite Nylon.

There’s a bunch of mounts designed for everything from GoPro, Wahoo, Polar to Garmin devices and each is available separately to add to your collection.

Mark’s plan is to mount as many cameras to his bars as he can to record all his tame ‘skillz’ in the ultimate camera setup. He doesn’t have actual Garmin tracking stuff because that would provide data of his shame. Video can always be ‘fixed in the edit’.

Dynaplug ‘Dynaplugger’ and Racer Pro

  • Price: Racer Pro is £44.99. Dynaplugger is £24.99.
The Racer Pro features FOUR Dynaplugs ready for action
The Dynaplugger has spare plugs concealed in the handle

Dynaplug was one of the first ‘ready for action’ tyre plug tools, and it has expanded its line in both directions to include a more affordable ‘all in one’ system like the Dynaplugger and the sleek race-special Racer Plus. The Dynaplugger looks a little like a CO2 canister (and can be stored in a CO2 holder) – just remove the cap and the brass-tipped rubber tailed Dynaplug is ready for action. There’s more storage in the handle too.

The Dynaplug Racer Plus, meanwhile is the size of an IKEA pencil and designed to be a quick and easy fix for racers and people after a more compact version. The alloy handle has two sealed caps, each with a Dynaplug ready for action (in this case a regular and a large one). Cunningly, both plug holders are double ended and unscrew to reveal two more plugs, so if you need to double-plug a snakebite, you’re still covered.

7Mesh Elevate Jersey and Glidepath Shorts

  • Price: $50 Jersey and $140 Shorts
  • From: 7Mesh
Nope, we don’t see any professional models either…
Back when it wasn’t raining all the time

If you go to the 7Mesh website at the moment, you’ll get a ‘Sorry about Brexit’ kind of message, but the good news is that this Canadian company has worked to set up a UK logistics hub so that UK customers will soon be able to order again. In preparation for this, we’ve got a look at this Elevate T-shirt, which combines polyester with a small amount of wood fibre-sourced lyocell. This results in a great feeling fabric which will be ideal for those hot summer rides, if we get any.

The shorts, meanwhile are the Glidepaths. Like all 7Mesh gear we’ve seen, they’re beautifully cut and sized well to work with or without kneepads. There are a pair of ‘behind the thigh’ pockets, which are great for keeping phone or tools from whapping you on the leg with every pedal stroke. Bring on the summer!

KS LEV Integra Dropper Post

  • Price: £260 – £315
  • From: Jungle

Jungle has sent over a KS Lev Integra dropper post for us to give a whirl. KS offers a huge range of Lev dropper posts for all seat tube diameters not to mention travel of up to 200mm! The updated post comes with new cylindrical upper clamp nuts that don’t spin, a more vertical head clamp bolt angle and a new cartridge that promises to be smoother and more durable.

That’s it for this week, lets hope the weather picks up for the weekend and we can get back to dry and dusty trails!

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