ZIPP 3ZERO MOTO Wheels Updated for 2021

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A first, it would look like there’s nothing new about the ZIPP 3ZERO MOTO wheels. They use the same ‘moto inspired’ single wall, low profile rim profile as the previous versions launched in 2019 but there’s something different now about the hubs they use.

Previously the MOTO wheels used ZIPP’s own ZM1 hubs. However, now they’ve been replaced by hubs that are one better – yes the ZM2.

There’s more actually going on than just a number. These new hubs are ‘German Engineered’ and now feature 12 pawls instead of the previous 4-pawl system. The 12 pawls are arranged into three groups of four to give huge amounts of engagement. There are 132 ‘clicks’ which allows for very quick pickup (and presumably a cool buzzing noise) and ZIPP (which is owned by SRAM, if you’d forgotten) reckons that the hubs seals have been improved too.

The 3ZERO MOTO wheels come in 27.5in and 29in and feature a 30mm inner width. The very low profile of the single wall rims means that they can flex a little with the ground, something ZIPP calls ‘ankle compliance’ which allows the tyre to track off camber objects and turns better. The slim profile also allows a certain amount of vertical compliance too – a world away from the earliest carbon rims that promoted stiffness above all – riders found that it turns out stiffness isn’t always what you want in a wheel…

Weights are a not particularly light 1965g for the 29er and 1875g for the 27.5in wheels. This is 50g lighter, but again, there’s not integrated TireWiz

Prices are around £780 front and £865 for a rear. Interestingly, SRAM/Quark’s TireWhiz wireless tyre pressure system is no longer included with the wheels, but are now available separately.

So, compared to the previous wheels, the new 3ZERO MOTO wheels are a couple of hundred pounds cheaper (£1645 vs £1875) although they don’t come with the TireWiz – which appear to be £200-odd a pair.

Anyway, the wheels are out around now and they should be being raced at an EWS near you soon under the Lapierre ZiPP collective, which is a pretty good endorsement…

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Comments (4)

    Still dead heavy then. Was always interested by these, but there are plenty of aluminium wheelsets that weigh less for a quarter of the price. Pay a bit more for your alu, you’re at 200 g less than these. Makes them a hard sell.

    ^^^ this. Why would you spend so much more to get heavier wheels than aluminium

    These new hubs are ‘German Engineered’

    I prefer British engineered. Preferably Lancastrian.
    Need to stop pushing the myth of German engineering.
    Unless you start to compare to any those great feats of German safety engineering such as a the Hindenberg or the ICE2 wheels that fell apart and killed 101 people.

    … or closer to home the badly designed handlebars that snap meaning your £10k Aeroad is parked up in a garage going nowhere until the middle of the summer.
    Or the slipping naff seat post that will still not be sorted until several months later.

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