Video Vault: Hydraulics, Trikes, Ebikes and MTB

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Whether you’re all about the shred, the tech, or the feeling good, we’ve got a selection of bike videos here to pass the time. Pull up a chair, sit on the loo, or just stay in bed a little longer. Eyes ready? Go!

Lapierre – Team Overvolt

Lapierre has revealed its latest eMTB race team, with Nico Vouilloz heading it up. We’re pretty sure the video is shot on Corsica, one of Hannah’s favourite holiday destinations ever. Did you know it’s possible to eat too much cheese? It is, on Corsica. Enjoy the video and dream of when we can visit such places again.

Bowhead Reach Bikepacking

This video documents a bikepacking trip on the first official day of Spring in Canada, taken on the Bowhead Reach trikes, designed to bring the experience of mountain biking to people whose physical capacity means they can’t ride a standard bike. For more about the Bowhead Reach design, check out our podcast with founder Christian Bagg.

Catacombs with Commencal

‘Doesn’t it say on every can of spray paint “use in a well ventilated space?”‘. ‘How wide are those bars?’. ‘Is the bike still down there?’. These and other questions may spring to mind when watching this.

Race Day Essentials

The first video in this series covered bike set up, now we’re on to race day essentials. Even if you’ve no intention of racing, these videos are an interesting look at the process, and might just have tips to help you get more out of your casual rides too.

Bike of Hydraulics

Shed tinkering, mad bike geometry, and general silliness. It’s all here. Watch it, but hide your credit card beforehand – we don’t want you heading straight to the internet in search of home CNC machines and lathes. You’re going to want them – and a bigger shed.

OK, break’s over. If you were on the loo, please wash your hands. Thank you.

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