Brooks Products ARE Still Available to UK customers through UK distributor and UK stockists

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The distributor of Brooks Saddles has confirmed that all Brooks products are still available to UK buyers despite Brooks’ online statement.

Over the weekend Forbes reported that Brooks would no longer ship saddles to UK customers, this is still fact and UK customers trying to purchase saddles and other Brooks products directly from the Brooks website will see a message stating as much.

However, Extra, the UK distributor of Brooks saddles, has confirmed that despite what earlier reports stated, all Brooks products are still available through UK stockists. Whereas products bought directly from the Brooks website are shipped from a centralised warehouse in Italy, Extra has all Brooks products delivered to their UK warehouse directly from the Midlands.

You may have seen some reports in the press over the weekend about supply of Brooks England saddles to the UK being postponed due to difficulties around Brexit. We want to assure you that this only affects consumers buying Brooks England products directly from the Brooks England website.  Orders from anywhere in the World through this website are fulfilled from a single location in Italy.

UK distribution through Extra UK is unchanged.  Extra UK will continue to deliver Brooks England products to Brooks Premium Dealers throughout the UK and Ireland. UK consumers can use the Brooks England store locator at to find a local stockist.

Furthermore, we can confirm that UK-made Brooks England products are shipped directly from the Brooks England factory in Smethwick to Extra UK’s warehouse, and not via Selle Royal’s HQ in Italy.

Rest assured that availability of Brooks England products in the UK through its UK distributor, Extra UK, remains unchanged.

Extra UK

This means that while you can’t purchase your leather saddle, grips or packs directly from the Brooks website, you can still purchase them from your local stockists.

Not only is this great news for UK fans of Brooks’ premium leather products, but it also reduces the carbon footprint of UK sales and helps out your local bike shop too.

You can read our original, updated, article here.

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Comments (8)

    So any comments from YT in the 14% duty being charged to UK customers, that was also alluded to in your article? Guess a moot point as there is next to no bikes available anyway.

    @anne the 14% info must be directly from the YT website as we simply linked to their info regarding Brexit deliveries. However, I too am waiting for a YT to arrive and am unsure if I’ll have to pay the duty or not. Stay tuned.

    Also waiting for a Propain with a Jan delivery, concerned that not only will I have to pay Duty but I’ll get walloped with VAT again (already paid the German equivalent back in Nov!) No clarity at all at the min.

    Well it’s what 51.8% of the voting population asked for.
    Folks will have to sit on a locally caught British haddock from British waters caught by British fishing boats instead.

    I don’t think anyone can give clarity on bikes/frames moving across the EU/UK border yet… we need to be patient.

    The 14% import duty was before we secured tariff free trade in the agreement, you know that thing the leavers said we could get easily and the remainers said the EU would never give us.
    Anyway that means there won’t be any additional charges on YT and Canyon etc. YT and Canyon etc do have to register for UK VAT and charge UK VAT instead of their domestic VAT (same rate I believe) and pay the VAT to HMRC so the UK gains the sales tax on the transaction.

    Unless you’ve already spent a week reading the relevant documents zeus, I’ll take your certainty with a pinch of salt for now. Hopefully you are correct.

    German VAT is slightly lower than UK I believe. But not much lower (I think 19% vs 20%).
    It’s the added bureaucracy for companies that is a PITA (+ more paperwork for the border Stazi to prat around with etc). I’m sure bigger players like Canyon will get it sorted. Whether they add to cost to the customer is a different matter.
    But it presents real barriers to smaller companies who want to trade.

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