Ceramicspeed ufo drip

UFO Drip chain lube costs £36.95 a bottle and lasts 300km claims Ceramicspeed

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Ceramicspeed has released an updated lubrication that uses a new formula for a better life and a lower price.

Update: A previous version of this story mentioned the price as £45 a bottle however Windwave has been in touch with the correct price of £36.95 a bottle.

Ceramicspeed’s UFO Chain lube cost around £75 a bottle when it launched originally, but a refreshed formula has reduced pricing while improving life.

Ceramicspeed ufo drip

UFO Drip is a clever lubrication formula that covers the rollers of your chain and drys to form a waxy coat. Ceramicspeed claims that this lubrication is suitable for all weather conditions and all cycling disciplines, they also claim that UFO Drip can last 300Km per coating if applied correctly.

The new formula dries 15% faster, lasts 50% longer, and a single bottle offers 50% more coatings. All of these improvements have been achieved while reducing the cost to £36.95 a bottle. It sounds like a lot but as UFO Drip can be used in all conditions and a single bottle should last longer, it’s probably as much as buying high quality dry and wet lube.

A single bottle should be enough for 35 complete coatings or 10,500 km, it’s also non-flammable, and biodegradable.

Ceramicspeed ufo drip

To get a correct application you either need to apply UFO Drip to a brand new chain or one that has been thoroughly cleaned. Apply the lube on the rollers of your chain as you cycle the chain backwards until you have 2 complete rotations then allow to dry (around 8 hours). In summer conditions cleaning after application should be a simple wipe of the chain with a dry cloth and a top-up when needed.

Ceramicspeed has sent over a bottle of this wonder stuff for us to test, and with winter well and truly here, we can see just how long it’s going to last between muddy rides and frequent bike washes. Watch this space.

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