Saracen Partners with Antur Stiniog (and hints at new bikes to come)

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Saracen has announced that Antur Stiniog will now be a demo centre for its bikes, with visitors able to try out their Ariel and Myst trail and downhill bikes at the park. This will come as especially good news to the Welsh uplift spot, which like all bike parks this year has seen operations significantly disrupted by Covid-19.

nukeproof mega 290 race antur stiniog
Rob, not crashing at Antur Stiniog. Chipps, this is how you do it.

Adrian Bradley at Antur Stiniog, said:

“We look forward to teaming up with such a race proven brand in Saracen, and having a selection of their downhill, and long-travel trail bikes available to our customers to try out whilst at the bike park. It has been a difficult Year, but we look forward to the future with great excitement as we look to grow the park, and provide an even better riding experience for our awesome customers with Saracen on board.”

Currently, the demo fleet at Antur Stiniog is made up of six Myst AL downhill bikes and two Ariel Elite trail bikes for riders that don’t need as much travel as the downhill rigs. But, there’s a hint that maybe there’s something new to come. Aled Gamble, Marketing Manager at Saracen, said:

“We were looking to work with a bike park and the opportunity with Antur Stiniog was too good to pass up. Bud and his team have done an excellent job on the trails and after working with them a few times in the past, we know the park suits our brand and bikes perfectly. Obviously COVID has disrupted things significantly this year but we hope this sponsorship will help the park and our brand to grow over the coming years – particularly with some exciting new bikes on the way!”

What could these exciting new bikes be, we wonder? Something mullety? Something radically new, or subtly tweaked? We’ll keep our eyes peeled, and look forward to when we’re allowed back to Antur Stiniog for a day out. This time, Chipps will perhaps wear the chin bar on his helmet. Not sure what protection there is for his nipples though – he nearly grazed one off last time.

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