Take A Break With 3 Bike Themed Videos

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It’s probably about time you stopped working and took a short break, isn’t it? Grab a cuppa and chill for a moment.


First in the line up, flying the freeride flag, we have this video from Propain rider Clemens Kaudela. What do you do if you live somewhere flat but you want to ride your big bike? Build yourself some massive drops and jumps! Kaudela enlists the help of some friends to build himself something fun to ride at home.


Taking a gentler pace, the bike packing drop bar world brings us some philosophy. What if you’re moving to the opposite side of the world, away from old friends? Former pro riders Svein Tuft and Christian Meier trained and raced side by side for many years, then kept in touch over post-retirement weekend bike trips. As Svein prepares to move back to Canada, they enjoy a trip together and ponder the friendships that are forged on bikes.


Trials rider Nicolas Fleury pops a wheelie for the urban bike riding scene. If you’ve completed Netflix during lockdown you may have ventured into the International section and encountered a few bonkers offerings from the world of French cinema. Perhaps learning from this oeuvre, Fleury brings us this slightly baffling police chase trials bike daftness.

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