Specialized 2FO Roost Shoes – For Clip-in And Flat Riders Alike

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There’s a new shoe on the block, and it’s called the Specialized Roost 2FO. There are two styles available – either full flat pedal, or clip-in. The shoes are designed with third generation SlipNot rubber (we love that name…) for superior grip, whether on pedal pins, just finding the clip, or strolling up to the bar to order after a day of riding.

Specialized is keen to point out that the Roost 2FO isn’t a race shoe, it’s a light weight, trainer-comfy flat pedal (or clip in) shoe for all round riding, hanging out, driving, digging and doing skids in.

As well as the third-gen SlipNot rubber (which apparently isn’t as soft and squishy as you’d think, as a sole can be ‘too squishy’) there is a thicker, stiffer, midsole, with thinner more flexy toe and heel areas. For clip0

Roost 2FO Clip-in details:

The Roost 2FO clip-in shoes come in black and ‘taupe’ and feature a wide and long cleat pocket that’s a little more rear-biased than a race shoe for a more flat-pedal feel. It features the same SlipNot rubber as you’re not always clipped in, right? They’ll come in sizes 38 – 48 with no half sizes and will cost £110.

Roost 2FO Flat shoe details

The Roost 2FO flat shoes will come in Oak Green with black or in a Black/Black/None More Black option. Actually the flat pedal shoe has a shiny leather centre instead of the clip-in shoes’ all-matt.

The 2FO Flat shoes will also come in sizes 38-48 and will cost £110 too.

They should start to appear any day now. (Who knows where our sample shoes are though!)

Check out specialized.com for more details.

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