ENVE Launches Alloy Stem Range

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Sure, ENVE currently offers stems, but they’re full carbon and cost around £270 a pop. This new move will offer 3D-forged and machined ENVE alloy stems for £130/€135

The new stem will simply be known as the ‘ENVE alloy stem’ and it’ll come in three lengths and two handlebar diameters. So, that means 31.8mm and 35mm, with stems ranging coming in at 35mm, 50mm and 65mm.

So why is ENVE making an alloy stem? Not surprisingly, many riders can’t justify the cost of a full carbon stem, yet they still want to run ENVE’s carbon handlebars. Carbon bars are very sensitive to sharp edges and clamping forces from alloy stems, so ENVE has decided to help riders keep a nice, on-brand cockpit without having £600 of bar and stem to do so, but ensuring that the alloy stem you’re running isn’t going to shorten the life of your carbon bars. And stems and bars are worth paying attention to – given that they’re among the only things stopping your fists driving into the floor at speed…

The ENVE Alloy stem is 3-D forged for inherent strength and then that forging is machined for precision. The finish is smooth for knee-interfaces and to be gentle on carbon handlebars. And in order to resist overtightening by hamfisted home mechanics, the top (stainless) bolts are tightened to leave no gap, leaving just the bottom two bolts to be torqued to 5.5Nm

Currently, importers Saddleback will have 50mm stems in stock this week, with other sizes arriving in January 2021. Price is expected to be £130.

Weights for the ENVE Alloy stem are quoted as: 115-118g for the 35mm. 139g for the 50mm and 160-168g for the 65mm stem (depending on which clamp size you have. The 35mm stem is a tiny bit heavier.

Check out ENVE.com for more details

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