Driving Nowhere For Christmas (with Twisted Sister).

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This Christmas is looking like it is going to be the weirdest since rock legends “Twisted Sister” started doing Christmas songs. Yes, that actually happened. Will we only be able to celebrate Christmas with our own household? Will our kids be able to escape the university campus? And how the hell are we supposed to exchange gifts? The pubs will be shut for many people too. And I am really not looking forward to Christmas shopping. Bollocks.

A great deal when you “give” Singletrack

Well, here is a little sweetener to offset the world’s worst Christmas ever. From here to Christmas we are doing £10.00 off Singletrack Print & Digital Gift Subscriptions. If you use discount code “gift10off” you can give someone the joy of Singletrack* for a whole year. That is a year of the printed magazine, plus digital mag, and access to all the cool member benefits too. All for only £29.00. The code also works on the “Sub in a Box”, which is the same, but with the latest issue included so they can start reading straight away.

Take it easy

What’s more, once you have checked out, you don’t need to do anything. Not a single thing. You see, if you put the recipients address in as the delivery address, I will look after everything for you. I will make up the card with the gift activation code, throw in some stickers, seal it up in an envelope, go to the local post office, charge through the hoards of frothing zombies, empty my sack on the counter, and retreat to “The Winchester”.

Discount Code “gift10off”

Go ahead and stick that discount code in as you checkout, a tenner drops off, and someone is going to think you are really bloody awesome. It also really helps us at Singletrack too, so we will think you are are turbo awesome too. You can be the best buddy/parent/Santa ever.

* ”Joy Of Singletrack”, is just an expression. It is not a manual of tandem cycling positions, illustrated with naked sketches of Chipps. That is not a thing, but could be. Perhaps we will launch a crowd funder to prevent it.

I am not going to give you a link to the Twisted Sister’s jingle bells junk. So as an early Xmas present to you, here is footage from the TV show “The Tube”, its the Christmas Eve Special, and It’s Christmas time and it’s Twisted Sister WITH Motorhead.

However, if you want the Twisted Christmas experience… it can be found here: “ho ho ho – Let’s go”

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