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E*13 Helix 556% range cassette is compatible with Shimano and SRAM

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The E*13 Helix promises more range, better compatibility, less weight and a lower price!

We’re all accustomed to seeing dinner plate size cassettes on our rear wheels, but we’ve not seen something with so much range that looked so good before.

The Helix is a new large range cassette from E*13 and while the largest sprocket isn’t as big as the latest SRAM 520% range options, its tiny 9t offers some benefits of its own. E*13 tells us that offering a 9-50t range (on the 12-speed version) has various benefits such as a smaller gap between the largest climbing gears, a faster 9t cog for downhill, and because it has that smaller cog riders can run a smaller chainring. This in itself has benefits including more ground clearance, a shorter chain and a lower drivetrain weight!

e*13 helix

But that’s not all! E*13 have developed the Helix to be fully compatible with both SRAM and Shimano 12-speed drivetrains. The spacing, machined teeth and ramps are all designed for crisp shifts regardless of which brand rear mech you choose to run.

The 2 tone cassette is also split into a steel lower range and alloy larger group of cogs. These two clusters can be bought individually for lower maintenance bills, or you can swap out the alloy cluster for a different colour depending on which way the fashion wind is blowing that day.

6 colour options are available in total including Grey, Naranja, Bronze, Eggplant, Black and Intergalactic, though the Intergalactic coating is actually a more expensive PVD film coating that offers double the durability of standard anodizing.

E*13 offers the Helix in 11 and 12-speed options, both of which fit on an SRAM XD freehub.

As a 12-speed cassette, the Helix runs 9-50t with replaceable steel and 42-50 tooth clusters and weighs just 345g. The 11-speed model runs 9-46t with replaceable steel clusters and 46 tooth cog and weighs in at 325g. Pricing for the anodized options is £290 or £320 if you opt for the more durable PVD finish, which is less than a similar high-end SRAM cassette.

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