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This category is our traditional collection of money no object bikes, colloquially known as the Bike Porn category. Imagine if price was no longer a barrier for you, what would you choose to ride? Here our the finalists for that award for 2020.

Salsa Spearfish

salsa spearfish 2020

This new bike has quite some history. Salsa Cycles goes all the way back to 1982 as a custom frame builder, hell this company is probably older than you. Salsa then became a big bike brand in the late 90’s, and have always been early adopters of niche ideas, and some of these crazy ideas have caught on… you know really whacky weirdo niche stuff like 29er, full sus 29er, and bikepacking.

This bike was handed over to our tame bikepacker, Charlie and you can read all his thoughts on this bike here.

Commencal Meta AM 29 Ohlins

2021 Commencal Meta AM 29 First Look

This is how Andi began his review of this bike back in October and it stands a perfect introduction..

The 2021 Commencal Meta AM 29 is a proven speed demon, with sorted geo and kinematics for reduced fatigue and impressive climbing. This is a full-on EWS weapon!

Andi Sykes

Check out all his thoughts on this bike by reading his review.

Santa Cruz Mega Tower

santa cruz megatower 29er enduro

It’s a fact that it’s impossible to pronounce the name of this bike without lowering your voice by at least half an octave. Our Barney got to try this bike when it was launched back in March and despite thinking that the name had him fearing it was going to turn into a robot at any minute, he really loved it. Check out his full review here and then get to making up your own mind in the voting.

How to vote & enter our Muc Off prize draw

Once you have considered the finalists just click the circle next to your preferred winner below and then hit the submit button. Once your vote has been counted you will be redirected to our 2020 Awards page with the other categories so you can vote again in another category.

You can only vote once in each category and once your vote is submitted you cannot change your mind.

Each successful vote will earn you one ticket in our Muc-Off prize draw. Vote in each of the twelve categories and you will maximise your chances of winning. The winners will be chosen at random from the pool of voters on the 30th November 2020 and all winners will be contacted directly via their registered accounts shortly after that date.

Although the draw is open to anyone with a registered account, unfortunately we cannot deliver prizes to addresses outside of the United Kingdom. Overseas winners will need to specify a UK delivery address for any prizes if they win.

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muc-off awards straw2020
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