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It’s time to make your voice heard and vote for which you think is the best eMTB of 2020? Will it be Merida, Canyon or Specialized?

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The future of mountain biking or a motorised menace? Whatever you think of eBikes, they are here to stay and they are getting better year on year. For 2020 we’ve seen improved integration, new motors, more torque, and lower weight. The three bikes selected the 2020 Singletrack Reader Awards are a good mix of all the innovations we’ve seen over the past 12 months, but which is best?

Canyon Spectral:ON

The second-generation Spectral:ON is by far the finest looking Canyon eMTB to date. The new bike follows the modern norm of hiding its Shimano battery pack into the downtube of the carbon frameset and like many similar eBikes, it uses a mullet wheel combination for a nice mix of all-out rock garden smashing, acceleration and nimbleness. The Canyon:ON still rocks the Shimano E8000 motor system and slightly smaller battery, but in our tests, this means only a slight loss in range over the new system. Canyon’s buy direct model means you can get a great specification for a lot less than other brands, but with a UK headquarters you still have a place to call for aftermarket support and help, plus because everything is from Shimano you have a huge network of dealers around the country equipped to help you out.

Merida eONE-SIXTY 9000

The only bike in the list that uses the same frame for the 2020 and 2021 bike and the only one with the latest Shimano EP8 motor system. The Merida eONE-SIXTY 9000 is a long travel enduro eMTB platform that uses a carbon fibre front triangle bolted to an alloy backend. The integrated battery design ensures the mainframe is clean and uncluttered while also ensuring a nice low centre of gravity for handling benefits. Speaking of which, the Merida is a mullet eMTB and thanks to the mismatched wheel combo is as fast to change direction as it is to charge a chunky rock garden. Merida has obviously spent a lot of time developing their eMTB with Shimano, the frame looks fantastic with the new EP8 slotted in, and they didn’t need to retool the factory to squeeze the larger 630Wh battery into the downtube. Other neat touches to the 9000 include a pair of powerful Shimano brakes, a neat trail tool fastened on to the saddle and an integrated kickstand mount for those times your enduro ride ends with a trip to Lidl.

Specialized Levo SL

There are a lot of brands testing out the idea of a lightweight eMTB, one that uses slightly less power, and a smaller battery to offer an eBike with the ride qualities of a ‘normal’ bike without too much of a weight penalty. But while there are many brands talking about it, Specialized was the first with the new Levo SL range. In typical Specialized fashion, the SL doesn’t use an off the shelf battery or motor, and everything is custom-designed around the slender SL frameset. Of the three bikes in our finals, the SL does have the smallest battery, but a handy range extender is available to increase your range, and as it’s the same size as a water bottle, it’s compact enough to carry with you. Unlike the other bikes here, the SL isn’t a mullet bike, but that’s because it’s aimed more at the trail bike market rather than the enduro crowd.

How to vote & enter our Muc Off prize draw

Once you have considered the finalists just click the circle next to your preferred winner below and then hit the submit button. Once your vote has been counted you will be redirected to our 2020 Awards page with the other categories so you can vote again in another category.

You can only vote once in each category and once your vote is submitted you cannot change your mind.

Each successful vote will earn you one ticket in our Muc-Off prize draw. Vote in each of the twelve categories and you will maximise your chances of winning. The winners will be chosen at random from the pool of voters on the 30th November 2020 and all winners will be contacted directly via their registered accounts shortly after that date.

Although the draw is open to anyone with a registered account, unfortunately we cannot deliver prizes to addresses outside of the United Kingdom. Overseas winners will need to specify a UK delivery address for any prizes if they win.

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