Alutech launches TwinWorks adjustable dropper post

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Not had your fill or premium German bike components today? Well, what about the new TwinWorks dropper post from Alutech?

Alutech is a boutique bicycle maker from Germany. We don’t get to see Alutech bikes very often and the last time we actually got hands-on with one was at Eurobike a few years back. Since then they’ve branched out into building their own Grim Doughnut wannabe, an eMTB and now they’ve entered the crowded world of the dropper post.

The TwinWorks Dropper Post was announced today via the Alutech Instagram page, and like many current posts have a cable operated mechanism for simplicity. The TwinWorks doesn’t offer as much travel as some of the more modern posts, just 150mm and 170mm options, but travel is internally adjustable at 5mm increments allowing you to dial the post in how you like. Each dropper lets you reduce travel by a maximum of 30mm, so a 170mm can be dropped to 140mm and the 150mm to 120mm.

Alutech is only offering the TwinWorks in a 31.6mm diameter, which we assume will fit all of Alutech’s bikes. The total length for the 150mm dropper is just 459mm, including the cable mechanism, while the 170mm version measures in at 499mm.

The €199.90 price tag includes the TwinWorks dropper, 1 x trigger, bar clamp and cables. Full details can be found over on the Alutech website here.

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