2021 Intense Primer Gets New Colours, New Spec, But No Mullet

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The 2021 Intense Primer range has been revealed. While there isn’t a whole lot changing (apart from some new graphics and colours) the smoke clears to reveal two main models – a 27.5in wheels Primer 275 and the Primer 29. Interestingly the ‘mullet’ model launched last year as the Primer S (S for Switch) is nowhere to be seen, with a new Intense Primer S in its place that instead is has an Ohlins shock and fork build.

New colours, new distribution too.

One thing that has happened since we covered the launch of the new Primer last year is a change in distributorship. Whereas previously, Intense Bikes came from Intense Cycles UK, this partnership has ended amicably, with the distribution moving direct from Intense Cycles main European distribution hub in Spain. There will still be a dedicated website and service team for the UK and this can be found at uk.intensecycles.com

Primer 29

The 2021 Intense Primer range is nice and simple for 2021: There are two wheel sizes and there are two build options for each (plus a frame-only) of Expert and Pro. In addition, the Intense Primer 29 has an ‘S’ option, which features an Ohlins TTX22M coil shock and Ohlins RXF 36 M.2 air forks. (The frame-only features the coil shock too). And finally, there are two paint options, with a third just for the Primer S

Traditionally Intense has done two colours per bike, with a ‘mild’ and a ‘wild’ colour for each. However for 2021, Intense seems to have gone for ‘mild and milder’ with a creamy grey and black colour on one side and a slate blue/grey and white on the other. How very conservative!

All the other things that we liked about the Intense Primer 29 are here though. There’s the Low and Lower flip chip, the JS Tuned virtual pivot point suspension and some great geometry.

Primer 29 in ‘grey with black’ colourscheme
Primer 29 in ‘blue and white’ colourscheme
The flagship Primer 29 S bike
Here’s the super duper Intense Primer S

For 2021, the Intense Primer S is an interesting one. Having been one of the first big bike companies to release a production 29/27.5 Mullet bike in 2019, Intense has pulled that bike but kept the ‘Primer S’ name on with the new Intense Primer S – an upspecced machine that features Ohlins coil rear shock and an Ohlins air fork.

All models will come as framesets too

2021 Intense Primer 275

It’s good to see that Intense is still giving the 27.5in bike equal billing, with the same two specs – Pro and Expert and the same two colours too. There’s no Ohlins option for this bike though.

For both 29 and 27.5in bikes, the Expert spec features a Fox 36 and a SRAM NX Eagle groupset with Shimano brakes and Maxxis Minions on E13 wheels. The Pro spec is Shimano XT based.

For both wheel sizes, the Expert spec is £3499 and the Pro is £4799. The flagship Intense Primer S is giong to be £5499.

27.5in wheels still looking good.

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