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It seems like there are only two places to be in the world right now if you’re not staying home: the wilds of Scotland, or Morzine. The Gowaan Gals have gone for the Morzine option, so that means we get treated to a mashup of wheelies, hucks, whoops and endless shouts of ‘Sister!’. We don’t know how long they’re staying, but the prospect of a two week quarantine on their return surely raises the prospect of more lockdown video fun?

When we interviewed them, the Gowaan Gals said ‘give it a go and remember to be silly’ – and they’re certainly taking their own advice in this video. It appears that laughing too much may compromise on the bike performance, but they’ve got plenty of room to trade skill against fun. We can roll around in the mud laughing just like them – but we might not have much bike ability left for actual riding.

They say: We’ve spent the last week out riding in Morzine, discovering the pleney steeps, les gets, super morzine, chatel, and many more fun trails! Here’s a mash up of some of our GoPro clips from all the riding, enjoy!

Much of the squawking and squealing is akin to that on our own rides (Amanda is the strong and silent type, but she enjoys listening to Vicky’s running commentary and Hannah’s vocalised version of the trail features). It’s reassuring to hear the pro’s shouting ‘Oh My God!’ and ‘I wanna go slower but when I brake I slip!’ as they squid down a slippery trail, but then you remember that the GoPro flattens everything out, and they’re probably riding a zillion times faster than us.


We have questions: Who is the guy that asks for the selfie? Was it you? And is Martha still wheelie-ing?

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