Rider owned Crossworx Cycles releases Zero 29 hardtail

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German-made Crossworx Cycles Zero 29 hardtail promises playful handling and downhill prowess.

What’s made in Germany, comes in a bunch of Chipps approved colours and isn’t too long, low or slack? Well if you had read the title you would know it’s the Crossworx Cycles Zero 29 hardtail, an alloy bike manufactured in Thuringia, Germany.

Crossworx Cycles is a rider owned brand that makes a selection of full-suspension and hardtail enduro frames. The Zero 29 is an update on the original Zero frameset, and can now accept 29in wheels.

The updates to the frame aren’t focused on just the wheel size though, Crossworx has ensured a good all-round balance while upping the frames downhill capabilities too. The Zero 29 promises to offer more stiffness thanks to an updated yoke design which also allows riders to run larger chainrings. We assume that this stiffness is to counter pedal force rather than a deliberate attempt to make this alloy hardtail less compliant.

Offered in 3 size options, M,L and XL, the Zero 29 sits nicely between old school hardtail and new school enduro whip with reach measurements sitting on the conservative side of the fence. Short seat tube lengths across the range ensure riders have room to size up, or down, while a 78-degree seat tube is very on-trend.

The frame is designed around a 140mm travel fork, and the head angle sits at 64 degrees. Slack, steep and short is the design brief they were aiming for, but this should make for a playful ride and respectable wheelbase for downhill stability.

Crossworx is offering the Zero 29 in a total of 9 colours and as a complete bike or frame only. Complete bike prices start at €2,929 with a Z2 fork and Sram GX Eagle while the frame only options start at €979 depending on your colour preference.

More details can be had over on the Crossworx Cycles website.

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Comments (7)

    I hope they’ve thought about the possibility of confusion between this and the Bird Zero 29. If only for the SEO.

    “isn’t too long, low or slack? ”

    Oh, interesting…

    *takes a look*

    THAT’S not long, low or slack nowadays? If that isn’t, what does constitute long, low and slack then?

    18 bikes No.9 in 525 reach…..

    Or the Pole hardtail.

    Long bikes are looooong

    If that geo table is static then that 78HTA is likely going to be nudging 80deg at sag. Why more manufacturers don’t design around sagged numbers for long travel hardtails is beyond me.

    Short, low and slack – and why not?

    The link in the article takes you to the frameset, which is an altogether different design to the one described. It has a kinked seat tube and a 74deg. seat angle.

    that’s a lumpy price for an ally hardtail. about 1.5 times the price of a chameleon? and internal routing for everything so all your cables and hoses can rattle inside the frame and everything is a pig to take on and off…

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