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We bring you a round up of snack sized information from the big wide bike world that we think you might want to know.

Rapha Women’s 100

Every year Rapha promotes the Women’s 100, encouraging women to get out and ride 100km. I did it the first year it took place, on a particularly hilly route. It was the furthest I’d ever ridden, and it was on a boiling hot day. I recall being very very thirsty, and feeling like my heart was doing a foxtrot as I climbed the twelfthtysixthousandth hill of the day. I have not done it since. But others are not so easily put off, and this year’s event is being promoted with this rather excellent video featuring the awesome Emily Chappell, plus a whole bunch of inspiring women.

Singletrack Jigsaw Puzzle – The First Completion?

Singletrack jigsaw
Better at jigsaws than photos?

It’s take the great tech mind of our very own Tom Alker just under 11 hours to undertake the first known completion of the Singletrack Jigsaw Puzzle. Staying hydrated nourished throughout the attempt, using carefully balanced nutrition regime of Jaffa Cakes, pizza, and Malibu, Tom pushed on through finger cramps and eye strain to complete this mammoth task. Being of an indoor persuasion, Tom did not feel the need to wait for a wet weekend or injury to embark on his attempt, and went straight at it without reconnaissance, build up or gradual acclimatisation through smaller jigsaws.

Speaking after his victory, Tom said ‘It’s the most difficult jigsaw I’ve ever done!’.

If you’re planning an attempt at the Singletrack Jigsaw, we recommend ordering it now so that you can better prepare for your effort and be ready for when the atmospheric conditions are right for launch.

Not A Wheelchair

This guy is one of those YouTube stars that usually spends his time taking apart phones and examining other bits of tech. He’s also turned his hand to a number of accessibility projects, and his latest one is a ‘Not A Wheelchair’. Having come up with the idea, he’s working with Utah Trikes to build them. His version is entirely motorised, but Utah Trikes also offers some pedal assist versions. We’ve seen the Boma 7 as was used by Michael Bonney, but this US version looks a little simpler and cheaper – though without the full range of adaptations available on the Boma.

Reggie Miller/Castelli – Say Their Names


If you’re a basket ball fan or you’ve found yourself watching The Last Dance during lockdown (you should, it’s good), you’ll be familiar with Reggie Miller. He’s now a keen cyclist, and has teamed up with Castelli to produce this ‘Say Their Names’ jersey. All proceeds will go to the Equal Justice Initiative, a an organisation ‘committed to ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the United States, to challenging racial and economic injustice, and to protect basic human rights for the most vulnerable people in American society’. The jerseys are available for pre-order now.

Reggie Miller
Say Their Names.

On Falling

This film examines the meaning of ‘falling’. There’s good falling – falling in love, for example. There’s the falling before you land a jump, and the falling before you crash. It takes an uncomfortable look at the relationship riders have with crashing, injury, and the risk that falling presents.

Mr Wilson’s Second Liners

Mr Wilson's Second Liners
Prepare to go raving.

This band is headed up by a local rider Will Lenton and is one of the best live acts you could ever hope to see. It’s Will’s big birthday this week, and the band is releasing a podcast that promises to take us through the hazy memories of rave. If you can remember it, were you even there?

Bicycle Pubes Competition

Feeling a little bored? Got too much time on your hands? Quite crap at making things? Bicycle Pubes has an opportunity for you: the North American Scrap Lumber Bicycle Symposium. Set aside your Bespoked and NAHBS aspirations, and get focussed on this excellent opportunity to display your lack of skills.

Right, time to get back to work/microwave that cold cup of tea/wash your hands. Stay tuned to Singletrackworld.com for more bicycle news, or head to the Forum for chat about important stuff, like Things You’ve Done For The First Time Recently.

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