What Would It Look Like Now? The GT Lobo

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We wonder what a modern incarnation of the GT Lobo might look like, and take a trip down memory lane with GT.

Bike designer and fabricator Steve Salter of SmallTownBoyCustoms has been busy re-imaging the GT Lobo as it would be if it were around today.

The GT RTS – one of the more successful early FS designs.

The GT Lobo was from the days when suspension was very much still in development – and not all of it worked well. GT did have a reputation for suspension that worked – GT RTS proved popular, and its successor the GT LTS reigned for years. But even by the standards of the times the GT Lobo was an oddity with its pull shock. The even more unusual GT STS Lobo and Carbon LTS were way ahead of their time, with thermoplastic tubing and aluminium lugs a precursor to today’s Robot Bikes – and now Atherton Bikes.

Back Then, a Medium
Head Tube Angle67.7
Seat Tube Angle61
Top Tube Length549
BB Height335
Standover Height
Chain Stay Length430
Wheel Base1081
BB Width73

Is this how you’d imagine it would be now? What about other bikes now and then? The GT Zaskar, recently given an update, has been around since 1991, so we know what it’s evolved into.

GT Zaskar
18 inch frame ThenM frame Now
Head Tube Angle70.566
Seat Tube Angle73.575
Top Tube Length575615
BB Height298323
Standover Height776.0763
Chain Stay Length425.5450
Wheel Base1066.61205

Since even by GT’s own admissions in this video series, the Lobo wasn’t quite as successful as the LTS or its iDrive successor, we’re probably not going to see the Lobo being revived. If you want to know the history of the development of GT’s suspension, then you should definitely make the time to watch this ‘Full Travel’ series.

Want to read more about the history of suspension? Check out Singletrack Issue 128.

What bike would you like to bring up to modern standards? Is there one that might be better now that materials and suspension have moved on? Or one that you just loved so much you wish you could have one that met all today’s standards. Tell us in the comments!

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