Warning: This Book Might Make You Want To Have MTB Babies

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This book might be just the right gift for the MTB baby in your life.

If you’re a parent, you will know the torture of when a truly terrible book becomes your child’s favourite. Chuff chuffity chuff went the train. Bippity boppity giggle went the glitter fairy. That’s not my puppy, those aren’t my kittens, here is my nose nose nose, let me tear out my eyes eyes eyes.

MTB baby book
G is for Gnar

TV can be very educational and saves on paper, but banning books to avoid this scenario is probably a little drastic. Instead, making sure your child’s books are fun for you to read is probably a better way to go. This limited print run book from the makers of Shotgun bike seats may well fall into that category.

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MTB baby book
Stay loose!

It’s an alphabet book with mountain bike themed words, and animal illustrations. We’ve not seen the actual book, but the sample images here are making us look round for suitable babies to read this to. While the price of this hard backed book might just curb our urge to make our own MTB babies, it looks like the ideal thing to give to some new parents. £22 (+£5 postage) on a book that will last, or on a cute little babygro that will be puked and pooed on before it’s outgrown?

MTB baby book
K is for kicker.

The folks at Shotgun say:

Shred Til Bed – The Ultimate Book for MTB Kids

Raising a mini mountain biker?

If so, you’ll love the new Shred Til Bed book by the team at Shotgun.

Shred Til Bed is an animal alphabet book for mountain bike kids, and it’s filled with 52 pages of MTB stoke for your little shredder.

Young riders will love the illustrated A-Z animals in the book, whilst older kids will be stoked to see their favourite MTB features in hard-cover print.

The Shred Til Bed book is a one-off print run by Shotgun. To grab your copy, pre-order before the 31st of May.

MTB baby book
I’m not sleepy. Read it again.
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