Review: Únic Signature Series, custom riding kit for everyone!

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Únic Wear offers riders quality riding kit, with custom design options for the same price as off the shelf brands.

If you’re in the market for new clothing to take to the trails in then you’re in a pretty good position. These days, riding kit fits great, looks great and feels awesome too. Most kit is so good that chances are you’ll turn up at the trail in the exact same thing as your riding buddy, or a stranger, or that lad down the street who can wheelie for days.

This isn’t an issue for most riders, but for those of us who like to be a little different, riders with sponsors to promote, or if you’re in a club or team, having the option to easily customise clothing is a pretty handy feature to have.

Únic’s whole game plan is to bring custom clothing to riders, but in a way that doesn’t require a minimum order, or cost a premium, in fact, a pair of Únic shorts in your custom colour choices will cost around the same as a pair of off the shelf shorts that anyone can buy. A Únic jersey not only allows riders to choose colours but add their name, choose materials and decide if they want long or short sleeves, all the while costing around the same as an off the shelf alternative.

Únic – Who are they?

unic factory
Joonas and Cedric checking the fine details.

Before we jump into the review, let’s take a step back and learn a little about the company. Únic’s head office is in Andorra where former Speedway Champion, Joonas Kylmakorpi heads up the company with French mountain bike legend Cedric Gracia.

The two met while in hospital due to riding accidents and talked about the idea of a custom clothing brand that is open to everyone. While they didn’t know it at the time, this was the very beginning of Únic.

From their offices in Andorra, the Únic team has put together an online platform that lets riders choose and customise their own riding clothing in a matter of minutes. Once an order is complete, the design is sent to Únic’s factory in Poland where each item of clothing is handmade and shipped by courier to customers around the world.

While a relatively new clothing company, Únic has already stepped up and is the sponsor of the Dorval AM Downhill team, as well as a few privateer riders and influencers.

Únic – The Design Process

Designing your own custom Únic mountain bike clothing is a very simple, and fun activity, and unlike some online design tools, you get to see your design updated in realtime so you’ll know exactly what your kit will look like before hitting the purchase button.

The first step to designing your Únic kit is to choose which templates you want. There are currently 11 designs to choose from for both men and women, and soon Únic plans to add a kids range too.

These 11 templates are split between Essential and Signature lines. Essential kit is aimed at riders looking for custom clothing at an affordable price. To keep pricing low, Essential kit doesn’t get all the same features as the Signature range but does still enjoy EU manufacture, a range of styles and similar cut and fit.

unic signature
Únic Signature series offers more customisation choice and more features.

Signature kit, of which there are six to choose from, comes with all the bells and whistle, more custom options, and more material choices to ensure you get the style, feel and fit you’re after. Signature kit, which I’ve been testing, has some great functional features such as a zip pocket and sewn in lens wipe on the jersey, and 2 x zip pockets and integrated phone pocket in the shorts and trousers.

unic clothing review
The personal touch.

The design process allows you to choose from ÙniPro or Mesh materials for Signature jerseys, and there are options to add logos, designed by name on the inside collar, country flag, and rider name on the back of the jersey. Essential kit gets fewer design options, no logo or designed by choices, and there is one material choice for the jersey.

unic design process
With 30 colours to choose from you should be able to create the style you want.

Once you have decided on the template you want you can hit the customise button and enter the online clothing editor. From this screen, we get to see Cedric Gracia dressed in the kit you have chosen with a bunch of options to the right.

The number of options you can customise will depend on the style you have chosen, but all designs have 30 jersey colours and 10 trouser/short colours to pick from.

As you move from option to option you’ll see any edits you have made updated to your Cedric Gracia avatar. You’ll even see logo and names added as you go so you can be 100% sure what your clothing is going to look like before you purchase.

unic design process
Add your name inside and outside.

Prices start from €138.99 for a complete custom Essential kit, rising to €198.01 for a complete Signature kit. Customers designing a Signature kit also have the option to switch from custom shorts to trousers for an additional €10.

Adding logos can cost €50, but this is a one time fee. Most logo graphics need some work to ensure that they look perfect when replicated on the clothing, so the fee pays for a designer to recreate the graphic to the specs Únic needs. If you’re part of a club or team and ordered 2, 10 or 1000 kits the cost of the logo would still be just a one time fee of €50.

Únic Signature FZ13 Kit Review

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Únic Signature jersey features

  • 1 x zip pocket for a lift pass or cash.
  • Sewn-in goggle/glasses wipe
  • Tailored fit.
  • 4-way stretch material.
  • Soft to the touch, fast-drying materials.
  • Mesh and Únipro material options.
  • Option to add your name, logos, and choose from up to 30 colours.

Únic Signature short/trousers features

  • 2 x zipped pockets
  • 1 x internal neoprene phone pocket
  • Rachet waist adjustment
  • Silicone waistbands
  • Designed to be worn with or without pads.
  • Tapered ankle design on trousers.

Review Info

Product:Signature Series Kit
Tested:by Andi Sykes for 3 months

Comments (12)

    Looks nice gear but even so it’s not cheap.

    I may like nice things but would still expect to get shorts/top for £100 but I suppose the customisation is what you are playing for.

    That one you’re wearing is by far the nicest Andi.
    A lot of the others are just too ‘Euro’ 🙂
    Also – I’m not much of a fan of writing the company name massive and calling it done.

    @nicholas softley it’s not cheap, but it is around the same price as similar high-end riding gear. A Troy Lee kit would come to about £190, this is £175 for the top of the range and custom. I’ve also tried the Essential kit which costs £123 which is about the same as a good Fox kit but again has custom details.

    @AlexSimon There are a few that I like in there. I think maybe some of the sample ideas are very bright, but pop them in the editor and you can make some really nice subtle kit out of most of the options.
    I’ve only had 1 coffee and not much sleep so not sure what “Also – I’m not much of a fan of writing the company name massive and calling it done.” means 😀

    @Andi Sykes I suppose I just like a bargain which is why most of my kit doesn’t match which is strange when my bike(s) has to be spot on and I can take ages to choose what clothes to wear when I go out anywhere. Maybe I’ll give it a try.

    @nicolas softley design something that matches your bike 😉

    Just wondered what the inseam length of the shorts is? I’ve got 34” inside leg and often struggle to find decent shorts that are long enough to cover the gap with knee pads.

    @bowgile I just sent a message to Únic about this for you. A 34in short has a 33.5cm inseam. Hope that helps

    @Andi Sykes That’s spot on, thanks for finding out.

    I personally reckon this is an ace idea and wish them all the best with much needed nichè gap in market

    Cedric- youdaman!

    Sizing seems a bit, erm, tight.

    The quality is pretty good, I bought a jersey last year, be careful of the zip in the side seam as the tag is very small so not glove friendly and if you pull too hard, as I did, the zip rips away from the mesh inner, Troy Lee also offer similar where you can have your race number and or name printed onto the back of their jerseys for around £40

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