Matt Walker | 5 Minutes With The Pivot Factory Racer

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Matt Walker stops doing silly things with cars and motorbikes just long enough to answer a few questions about the pedal powered bikes that are his actual job.

Tell us who you are, what you do and why we should go for a bike ride with you…

I’m Matt Walker, I ride downhill and enduro for the Pivot Factory Racing team and you should ride with me because I enjoy gromming out and just doing stupid stuff on the bike!

Credit: Pivot Matt Walker
Credit: Pivot

What has been your best memory or achievement from the last year?

Far too many good times with the Pivot team to just choose one but a highlight for me was finishing the EWS season overall in 8th place!

You crash your bike and can only salvage one thing from it – what would it be and why?

That would be the wheels! Industry 9 buzz and Reynolds carbon hoops are bomb proof so I know they would have survived the crash and be usable for years to come!

What makes the perfect ride?

Having a laugh and sharing an adventure with mates!

Everyone wants to improve, right? What would you like to do better?

Steep stuff! I would love to get better at just bombing and staying in control!

Which component do you break and/or swap the most?

I’m a shocker for spokes and chain guards! The rims last so long the spokes fatigue after a few months riding every single day and start to pop!

What’s your top tech tip for getting the most out of your bike?

Take the time to set it up and get it right! Take notes of what you set it up as and try new things but take notes of what you like and what you don’t, you can always go back to what you like if it was written down.

Matt Walker
Lockdown haircut or pro rustic?

Tubeless inserts, just tubeless, or hella tough tyres?

Tubeless front and sometimes Cushcore rear and always Maxxis DH casing.

What is your tip to becoming a better mountain biker?

Keep it fun, practice the basics and try scare yourself from time to time!

What one innovation has made mountain bikes better, and why?

It’s way too hard to pick one thing, I’d just have to say reliability! Being able to head out and ride and not come home with broken parts every time you leave the house!

If you got stuck in a lift, which team mate would you hope was with you and why?

I’d pick anyone from the team, we all get along great and would be a laugh with whoever was in there with me!

What music have you got on repeat at the moment?

Blinding Lights – The Weeknd.

What the worst thing about being a pro rider?

Not having quite enough goggles to give away to groms at the finish line! Always a few disappointed kids!

Who do you admire most in the mountain bike world?

Anyone who is doing what they love and having a rad time along the way!

What are you doing to keep yourself busy while COVID-19 is keeping you home?

Lots of bike prep! Knock down rebuilds of all the rigs, moto and van. Make a mess so I can clean it up later, scroll insta, ride bikes, work on my cooking skills and eat good food!

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