Fresh Goods Friday 501 – Dicing With The Gods Of Luck

by and 17

This Fresh Goods Friday is not brought to you in multiples of thirteen.

There are no thirteens in this Fresh Good Friday, none at all, no.

There are no black cats, either, or ladders, or new shoes on tables.

There are not thirteen products bringing doom to this day of the week.

Because we have made a discovery: that Andi is superstitious and fears thirteen.

Or is it thirteen on a Friday that is a very bad thing?

Just as well there are no thirteens here, we’ve made sure of that.

Only Fresh Goods, on a Friday, in safe multiples, of lucky number seven.

Here we go, you lucky lucky people, it’s Fresh Goods Friday number 501…

Salsa Timberjack Ti custom build

You want niche? We’ve got niche!

How about this little beauty courtesy of Kevin and Kelvin at Ghyllside Cycles in Ambleside? A Salsa Timberjack Ti 29er hardtail built up with an MRP fork, Ritchey Kyote Comp Handlebars, DT Swiss XM421 rims, Teravail Honcho tyres with a frankly gorgeous tan sidewall that harks back to the good old days of the Specialized Ground Control, Hope E4 4 pot discs, a Brooks C15 Cambium saddle and last but by no means least a Kindernay internal gear hub! Yours for the princely sum of £6,500.

Singletrack Granite Designs Rockband Frame Strap

The Granite Designs Rockband is now even better with special edition Singletrack branding! The Rockband is a lightweight solution to carrying all sorts of gear on your bike from inner tubes, to jackets and we’re pretty sure it will handle a can of beer.

Kindernay Internal Gear Hub

Now this is more than a little unusual. This Norwegian designed internal gear hub looks like it could steal the crown from Rolhoff and Pinion. Unlike its competitors, the Kindernay comes in a modular 12 mm bolt thru design meaning that you can swap the hub between wheels. Its unique cage design means that, for example, if you have a bike that rolls on 29″ and 650B+ rubber, you only need to buy a spare hub cage and not a complete hub to swap wheels. All hub standards are available include a full fat version.

Shifting is taken care of via Kindernay’s own design hydraulic trigger shifters (no twist grips here, no siree!) – one for up and the other for down while it offers the highest torque rating of any gear hub on the market, 150Nm. Gear range is a whopping 543% and it comes with its own unique disc design which offers a wider bolt diameter than regular discs thus increasing stiffness. Sanny the destroyer of drivetrains has this on test for the next few weeks and will share his thoughts in a future review. He promises not to make too many bad puns involving Kinder eggs……

Microshift Advent X 10-speed 11-48 Cassette

fgf 501 advent x cassette
An 11-48t in alloy for 10-speed wide-range action.

Microshift is quickly making a name for itself as the go-to brand for low-cost, wide-range drivetrains. The Advent X builds on the Advent with a larger 11-48t 10-speed cassette offering more range over the previous 11-42t. Microshift offers the Advent X in either steel or alloy, and we have the lighter alloy model, 424g, for test. Now all we have to do is find a rear wheel with HG freehub.

Mircroshift Advent X rear mech

Shifting the chain across the new Advent X 10-speed cassette is this purpose-designed Advent X rear mech. Made from alloy and steel, the Advent X mech feels very sturdy and being a 10-speed it should be less prone to odd shifting after a few knock and bangs. This 1x only mech has a ratchet and pawl clutch for chain security and a solid on/off switch for to disengage it for servicing.

Microshift Advent X trail pro shifter

For an all-new mech and cassette, Microshift has come up with an all-new shifter. The trail Pro shifter is the slightly more expensive model and features a silicone paddle for grip and comfortable shifting. They also make a model without the silicone paddle for slightly less. Like other shifters on the market, the Advent X model allows for multi shifts and even runs on a sealed bearing for smooth operation and longlife.

Singletrack Vintage Organic T-Shirt – British Khaki

Our latest T-Shirt is a classic British Khaki number with vintage Singletrack Logos front and rear and an EST 2001 reminder that we’re almost a full 20 years old! This classic STW T is an soft organic number, great to look at, comfy to wear and amazing on the bike or in the bar.

Kask Defender Full Face

  • Price: £479.00
  • From: Kask

This all carbon full-face from Kask is the latest Defender helmet, but we won’t be able to test it just yet as Italian sizing seems to be a little smaller than other brands (surprise surprise). The Defender weighs just 790g (size M) and has 18 vents for a constant and cool airflow. Keeping the helmet in place is a double D-Ring chin strap and a large opening offers great visibility. The helmet even features a replaceable chin guard air filter.

Kask Edge Goggle

  • Price: £110
  • From: Kask

This pair of Kask Edge Goggles boasts a black frame with a Red Mirror lens manufactured by Zeiss, a brand better known for high-end glasses and camera lens equipment. These high-end goggles come with a removable nose guard and the lens along with the lens frame is removable for swapping to different tints and styles.

Kenda Hellkat Pro Tyres

Kenda Hellkat Pro Tyres
Kenda Hellkat Pro Tyres

The Hellkat has been updated with help from the Polygon UR team to make it a great all-round gravity tyre. The tread pattern is designed to be a good all rounder suitable for most conditions and promises fast rolling, grip and excellent braking performance.

Kenda Regolith Pro Tyres

Kenda Regolith Pro Tyres
For Eeb and non-eeb.

Kenda’s Regolith Pro tyres have been sent over to us in both SCT and EMC casings. The EMC version being an eMTB specific construction with a wider 2.6in tyre profile, while the SCT for full human power in a slimmer 2.4in width.

The Regolith Pro has been designed as a good all-round tyre, but is meant to be especially good in loose, dirt and sandy conditions, not your typical UK riding but that’s what we have currently so Andi will be running this on the rear with a new Pinner upfront.

Ohlins RXF36 M.2 Trail Air

  • Price: £1,245
  • From: Ohlins

The RXF36 M.2 is Ohlins updated long travel enduro fork and has been designed to give the highest performance for trail riding and enduro racing. The RXF36 uses a reworked version of the damping system from the race proven DH38 downhill Race Fork. The RXF36 uses a two piston, thee chamber air spring system to allow high tunability of the air sporing through the full range of travel.

Ohlins TTX Air

  • Price: £780
  • From: Ohlins

The TTX air is Ohlins high performing air shock designed around metric sizes. Born from the TTX coil shock, the TTX Air utilises the TTX damping system, along with a brand new air spring to create a highly adjustable hard hitting air shock. The TTX Air offers plenty of adjustment through independent high and low speed compression adjustment along with rebound

Cannondale Scalpel SE 2

  • Price: £3,200
  • From: CSG
On location in southern France?

Released this week, this is the burlier version of the latest Scalpel update from Cannondale. There’s a review of this 120mm travel mile muncher over here, plus all the details on the range here.

May you all go forth into the weekend and be lucky, fortunate and happy.

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Andi is a gadget guru and mountain biker who has lived and ridden bikes in China and Spain before settling down in the Peak District to become Singletrack's social media expert. He is definitely more big travel fun than XC sufferer but his bike collection does include some rare hardtails - He's a collector and curator as well as a rider. Theory and practice in perfect balance with his inner chi, or something. As well as living life based on what he last read in a fortune cookie Andi likes nothing better than riding big travel bikes.

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    FGF at 7am!

    Loving the early start Singletrack, this has brightened up the coffee while sat at my desk after a stupid early start. This will hopefully result in a stupid early finish so I can take my lad (5 years old) for a ride later.

    Don’t get used to it folks… consider it a pleasant surprise, and another pleasant surprise if it ever happens again! Personally, I quite like the anticipatory Forum thread when we put it out late.

    Normally Friday is spent waiting and anticipating, checking every now and then. Oh well, on with the ironing and I may even sneak out to Darwen Moor.

    Dark times indeed.

    Got my khaki Singletrack t-shirt listed above delivered yesterday. (Does that make me an early adopter?) Love it, seeing the colour was a nice oooo moment when I opened it – the pics don’t do it justice really.
    For others thinking of ordering, the cut is definitely on the slim side but that suits me. I am 6′ 4″ with a 33″ waist, 42″ chest, bought a medium cos I hate flappy flappy clothes and it fits me well.
    Very pleased and highly recommended – supports the continuation of Singletrack too, which can’t be bad. Good luck guys!

    Born under a bad sign! Top tune.

    But has Harry the Spider seen this

    I think all physical interaction with anyone based in the Lake District was banned by the locals in case any one got sick. How did you get permission to go to Ambleside or for some one to leave the Lakes and be allowed to return home 🙂

    I have a fear of 13 anything made by E13
    Also got a khaki Tee delivered this week,very nice indeed(short fat git size large) ta muchly

    You have done something clever and sinister with this week’s Fresh Goods Friday.

    @Susan_Whiteford thank you for noticing!

    That is indeed a good spot @Susan_Whiteford. Just figured it out! Clearly Hannah was feeling mischievous this morning!

    Oh, and that hub is making me sad that I will unlikely ever ve able to afford it. Sounds pretty special.


    I only got paid yesterday, and mentally now it’s already spent!
    Thanks, Singletrack – no food for the kids again – still they do love nettle soup

    Andi should fear issue 507 the most

    It’s triple 13 squared….

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