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If Santa Cruz made steel bikes they would probably look like this

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No this isn’t an early Santa Cruz prototype, but an entirely different steel frame handcrafted by the folks over at Zoceli Bikes in the Czech Republic.

We all know that steel is real, but did you know that steel is real popular right now? It seems a week doesn’t go by without someone releasing a steel full suspension frame, hardtail, or news of someone having a go at building something at home.

It’s easy to see why steel is so popular with smaller, boutique brands. It’s easy to get hold over, relatively easy to weld and there isn’t any need for heat treatment, plus the material tends to pull at the heartstrings of more than a few of us mountain bikers.


The sexy steel steed pictured here is the Zoceli Bikes Naosm, a complete steel full suspension frame lovingly hand-welded over in the Czech Republic.

Obviously, Santa Cruz fans are going to see more than a passing resemblance to the MegaTower, if the MegaTower was made of 4130 instead of carbon.

Looking through the Zoceli Bikes Instagram page it appears that at least 2 of the 29er Naosm frames are complete and undergoing testing and that the plan is to release the frame to the public by the end of the Summer.

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Only available in M,L and XL.

We’ve no word on pricing yet, but the frame details have been published. Tubing of the Naosm is 4130 from Columbus and the linkage rear end makes 150-160mm of travel. The frame has been designed a 160 – 170mm fork giving this enduro 29er a 64.5-degree head angle and 77-degree seat tube.

Fans of new school long reach figures might be a little disappointed with the numbers with an XL frame offering just 480mm in reach, large bikes will be 458mm and the medium bikes only 435mm.


The Naosm isn’t the only steel full-suspension frame that Zoceli Bikes is working on, they also produce steel kids frames for 20in wheels, and if you like your frames less rear bounce they produce a couple of hardtails too.

Let us know what you think of the Zoceli Bikes Naosm in the comments section below.

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