Cotic BFeMax Gets The Big Wheel 29in Hardcore Hardtail Treatment

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Only a week after Cotic announced that there would be no more 27.5in Cotic Soul bikes in future, it has now announced the new Cotic BFeMax . “It’s the result of gene-splicing our award winning, super fast SolarisMAX 29er trail hardtail, with our tough-as-old-boots, 27.5in wheeled BFe do-it-all fun machine.” says founder Cy Turner.  

cotic bfemax
The new BFeMAX comes in sassy blue…

The BFe (pronouced Beefy) has a long and storied history at Cotic, introduced in 2005 as the tearaway toughnut foil to the subtle charms of the iconic Cotic Soul. While the Soul was a trail-happy long forked hardtail, the BFe has always had a bit of jump bike in its DNA. The B stands for ‘Burly’ and the ‘Fe’ stands for iron…

Recently, Cotic has found those traditional trail riding Soul customers were drifting towards the 29in wheeled Solaris, it also found that the more turn-slappy of its Soul customers were still buying the 27.5 BFe. However, as 29in wheels and forks have become more and more burly and abuse-resistant, so it made more sense to go big(-wheeled) by designing the BFeMAX.

…or subtle metallic

Designed with 140mm forks in mind, but able run up to a 160mm fork, the BFeMax is intended to do “jumps, drops, big mountains, hacking about in the woods and steamrollering down just about anything, this is the bike you need to embarrass your full suspension riding mates.”

The BFeMAX frame features a Reynolds 853 downtube, Cotic’s ‘LongShot Geometry’ and will take tyres up to 29in x 2.6in. And talking of Geometry, let’s look at it, shall we?

Now THAT is a pretty head tube badge!

Cotic reckons that it has stock as of… today! And anyone ordering this week, should get it by next weekend.

Frame pricing is: £549 / approx EUR630 / approx US$623, and delivery is included within the UK, Europe, USA and Canada.

Bikes pricing is:

£1,849 for the SLX based Silver build, £2,699 for the Gold Eagle GX bike, £2,749 for the Gold XT bike and £5,299 for the dream build eeWings/X01 equipped Platinum bike.

You can find out plenty more about the BFeMAX at the Cotic Website

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